The Telegraph

The Telegraph, my news outlet of choice, has been irritating me this week. Its ceaseless shilling for the Royal family (they are one of the richest families in the world they do not need free PR). Its weak reporting and failure to question the “facts” of a divorced and remarried man saying the Pope is fine with it. Prefacing anything you write down with ‘reportedly’ doesn’t mean you should print anything you like, its only ‘reportedly’ because you are reporting it, and if you are reporting it damn well make sure its true!

Also the way it put the Chairman of the secular society (a tiny group of curmudgeons) on an equal footing with the majority of people in this country who consider themselves Christians in an attempt to agitate its readership. I know its been a slow news week but still, buck it up guys.

Wasps and Scorpions

David Cameron has mentioned Christianity twice at Easter, and the lefty secularist elite are having a fit. They’ve decided that writing an open letter to our prime minister telling him shut up is the way to protect liberalism in this country. (I wish open letters would go the way of the Dodo, is there anything more pompous?)

But isn’t it wonderful to see such a clear example of people telling other people to shut up in the name of tolerance. It has that juicy hypocritical symmetry to it. Like the proverb; it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt. It is always a sight to see people who would rather do the latter with such gusto.

In a free and liberal society, anyone should be free to talk about their religion at any time and place (so long as their religion doesn’t recommend killing or harming people…) people are free to vote for David Cameron or not based on what he says.

Personally I think the damage gay marriage did to the conservative base of voters means David Cameron “doing God” a couple of times will not save him at the ballot box. It might stem the bleeding however.

Nothing is going to save the Tories in the European election, UKIP is going to clean up, but when it comes to general election people might be thinking, “I know Cameron screwed us with gay marriage, but he’s not a rabid atheist like Red Ed” and they just might pull the Cameron lever.

This brings us neatly to the news that radical islamists have been taking over schools in Birmingham. By all means silence the Prime Minister for talking about his personal faith, but when it comes to brainwashing children with religious extremism where are the secularists when you need them?

Why the double standard? two reasons spring to mind, the first is that they are cowards, the second is that really they are both in league with the devil. As a Christian you notice how uncanny it is that rarely do the wasps sting the scorpions when both are barriers to the spread of the gospel.

As for Islam, westernised Muslims need to be given more support. It is Muslim parents who don’t want their daughters being treated like second class citizens, or their sons being told that jihad against the west is a valid part of their religion. We need to get in the game culturally, this isn’t a problem that will just go away by itself. Qatar has Al Jazeera, we need to do better than the BBC.


Well I’ve had three negative experiences with Facebook this week. The first was merely having my comment deleted for questioning an idiotic left wing poster attacking Nigel Farage.

Left wing lunatics do everything in their power to close down free speech, that shouldn’t surprise me. But the brazen nature of it did. This country is not having any debate because the left will not allow it. Democracy is dying as a result.

The second was an invitation to the Navajo Merseyside & Cheshire LGBTI Chartermark Consultative Partnership annual award ceremony. I had the temerity to ask what exactly did the Navajo have to do with queers in Merseyside & Cheshire. To which I received a very rude reply. Seems to me it was a perfectly fair question.

The third happened when I finally posted my budget gaming PC design on Facebook, and a good friend of mine shared it with his friends (who all think they are tech wizards) and I ended up being harangued by a bunch of complete strangers.

Now Facebook is a very useful social tool, for staying in contact with people you’ve met in real life, but clearly I need to stop interacting with strangers on there because the amount of frustration these cretins are causing me is totally disproportionate to the amount I should care (ie not at all).

So anyway, now I intend to leave very sharp rejoinders and insta-block people who annoy me… Opinions are like arseholes, everybody has one. Life is too short to actually interact with these people. They need to be told where they can stick it and left to wallow in their own juices. From now on it shall be like water off a ducks back.  ^.^

Dead as a Greek poet.

It is oh so gradually dawning on our illustrious prime minister, that stealing thousands of pounds then threatening journalists who expose the crime, is, well, a crime. The irony of all this is that Maria Miller, a woman who’s achievements in the cabinet probably couldn’t fill a thimble (this is the woman who merely did Cameron’s bidding on gay marriage and Levenson) but she may well have done serious damage to the Tory party’s re-election chances.

Our government was just beginning to become credible, the economy is recovering, the budget was well received except by Ed Miliband who seemed like he was looking for an escape hatch of some kind. Cameron was even making sensible noises over wind farms and such, in a rare sign of sanity on the subject.

But none of this matters if voters simply cannot stomach pulling the David Cameron lever at election time. Put quite simply, David Cameron and Nick Clegg were already so unpopular they are electoral liabilities. To the extent that in the polls the public agrees with most of what the government is doing, but Labour still has a clear poll lead. Ed Miliband and Nigel Farage are both clowns, but clowns are more popular than smug self serving automatons.

Now Ed Miliband can paint Cameron as being out of touch, and he’ll be absolutely right. The irony of it all is that Labour came off worse from the expenses scandal than the Tories but none of that will be remembered. By standing by her Cameron has tarnished his already muddy toff image and the damage is probably irreparable by now. This Etonian loyalty he has for his minions doesn’t look flattering when the public’s money is being stolen, it just looks like him looking after his own.

In world news, when are people going to recognise that a two state solution will never happen in Israel? that its as dead as Greek poet. Its been clear for months that the negotiations were going nowhere, now it seems John Kerry is blaming Israel the only thing keeping Israel at the negotiating table (their friendship with America) has been squandered.

The Palestinian authority were never going to go for it, they are still incapable of even recognising Israel’s right to exist, never mind make the concessions necessary for negotiations to stand any chance of coming to fruition. Even more problematic is the fact they don’t even speak for Gaza which is currently controlled by Hamas, a terrorist group.

Why should Israel release terrorists at huge political cost to further these pointless talks? Also we shouldn’t listen to the UN on the issue of Israeli settlements because on this issue the Arab world have conspired to make idiotic rulings on what Israel can and cannot do on its own land.

Israel should be free to build houses where ever it wants on its own territory just like every other country in the world. People also forget that Israel demolished thousands of settler homes in the past in a vain attempt to bring their opposite numbers to the negotiating table, again at huge political cost, and look what that got them, absolutely nothing.

The Palestinian authority can apply to the UN for all the recognition it wants, if it won’t talk to Israel in good faith for a lasting peace it will never achieve anything for its people. The only solution with any feasibility is a one state solution, but we are going to have to wait two or three generations for this current crop of leaders to die first.


So then, Maria Miller has resigned. These days it seems you know you are getting the boot when the PM gives you his “full support”. Why did he say something so daft? This woman not only defrauded the public of thousands of pounds but tried to intimidate the journalists investigating her. Why does the PM insist on standing beside someone when the entire country can see that her position is utterly untenable? Just how detached from reality is he?

In queer news, I’ve been seeing fallout online from the Mozilla, Eich resignation. I think its been a wake up call, the gay community has proven it is more than capable of being vindictive and intolerant. It is already galvanising opposition to gay marriage and gay rights. Two things I think are separate issues but most gay activists don’t.

From now on when a real honest to God gay rights issue appears people will be able to point to Eich and say, “look what happened to him, we should do the same to people we disagree with”. Its especially bad news for gay people in Church ministry positions, the gloves are off now. Clearly being in the right isn’t good enough anymore, now we have to purge people who voice opinions we don’t like. Its a sick sad world.

In world news, the twentieth anniversary of the Rwandan genocide has come to pass, at the same time the entire world is sitting by and watching the unfolding horror of the Syrian civil war. The world said “our intervention will only make things worse” now its clear our intervention couldn’t possibly have made things any worse, but may have been the only thing that could have stopped the ever downward spiral into barbarism occurring in that country. Its all well and good praying for peace, but if we are not prepared to do anything to bring it about then our prayers are empty.

In other news, the MoD is trying to suppress a book about learning lessons from the deployment in Helmand province, Afghanistan. They are suppressing it under the pretext of confidentiality, for facts that are already in the public domain. Just how much contempt for our troops does the MoD have? They issued a statement saying they have learned lessons, obviously just so long as those lessons are never mentioned publicly ever again…


So then its been a few days. I’ve been bombarding a website with posts on their forums. Its been totally addictive. The reason? The people there are genuinely lovely. The website

Even in just a few days I’ve been feeling much better! Basically its been like losing a huge weight off my shoulders, my mind, my soul even. I feel free to be happy again.

There are interesting little subcultures on the forum too, there are Side A and Side B. Side B are the traditional perpetual chastity people. Side A is for the people who see nothing wrong with gay relationships. And I’m very much Side A now. I’ve just seen too much needless misery in others and myself from side B thinking. *cough* Courage *cough*

I am still not sure if I should come out to my parish priest and friends at my parish… but now I’ve met Christians who are walking the same road as I am I’m beginning to question whether I need to.

People should check out the website. Read what the people post. This should not just be an abstract debate. We are real people. We are genuinely trying to live our faith as gay Christians. People need to know our names, listen to our stories, see our pain. Then maybe they’ll reserve judgement to the God who made us.

*sigh* Tolerance

I just had a totally weird Skype conversation with someone who came out with a metric ton of misogyny then when I told him that unless he was joking I didn’t want to know him he complained I was being intolerant. Long and short of it I’ve just blocked someone I’ve known for quite a long time. I might unblock them in a while to see if they have reconsidered their backward views but they shouldn’t hold their breath.

This is not how tolerance works. Being tolerant means I don’t hurt or kill people for having different beliefs to my own. It doesn’t mean I have to listen to their BS! what is wrong with the world? This massive tidal wave of entitlement. “I’m entitled to be a bastard because that’s just who I am”. No that’s not how it works. If you are a bastard everyone else is entitled to have nothing to do with you. You can say what you want but you have to accept the consequences for what you say.

And this person was wondering why they are unemployed…