Peace in the middle east.

So then, there is an indefinite ceasefire in Gaza, in return for some small (assuredly heavily scrutinised) humanitarian aid through the ‘blockade’ Hamas has decided to stop firing rockets. They will sing and dance saying they have won a great victory, (and in fact they already have) which gives you a clue. They haven’t won a great victory, Gaza is devastated, but what they have achieved is they have clung on to power so they can continue to execute their own civilians and stock up on rockets for two or three years time when they’ll do exactly the same all over again.

Most Gazans will be celebrating but deep down they know that they are celebrating because their rulers have finally stopped fighting a ‘war’ they could never win whilst using them as human shields. In fact it is rather interesting that several Hamas leaders were killed just before this ceasefire, the little people can get caught in the crossfire but as soon as the bigwigs start dropping there is suddenly peace, and peace on the terms that were laid out by Egypt eight days into the conflict.

It is hard to see this as a victory if you are Israeli either, just delaying the inevitable resumption of hostilities until further down the road, but they’ll have a couple of years of peace and quiet to get on with building the only free democracy in the middle east and they’ll have to be building more settlements too, all over Europe Jews are noticing the rise in antisemitism and are contemplating moving to Israel. In fact since Israel is one of the only countries that doesn’t kowtow to multiculturalism it could end up being one of the safest places to live before too long.

Israel will have also learned that they can’t rest their fate on the mood of the oval office, it will only take a couple more golfers in chief and they will be hung out to dry. Iran’s nuclear negotiations are ongoing, as is their nuclear program, which if completed could become a nuclear pogrom but nobody fear, I’m sure the EU’s apparatchik of the day will be able to talk down the Ayatollah. We live in truly absurd times.

Meanwhile the media in the west relentlessly presses all the Hamas g spots, I’ve seen writers in the Telegraph even refuse to call Hamas a terrorist group. If there was any way to do radical Islam’s bidding on the matter of Gaza they would do it. That is one of the key reasons why antisemitism is on the rise. This has been one of the most perfect propaganda campaign ever conducted in the history of modern telecommunications. Lots of pictures of Gazan destruction and suffering, no pictures of a solitary Hamas fighter at all. If the wider world doesn’t see Hamas fighters fire rockets from launch sites adjacent to schools, mosques, hospitals etc, then people won’t believe it. People need to see that for what it is. That a free western media could do Hamas bidding is the shameful part. If the western world doesn’t want to go under a tide of Islamic radicalism then we need to saddle up, philosophically and culturally and it needs to happen right now.

Happiness at the restaurant at the end of the universe.

So then, I seem to have found a very nice chap on this dating website. I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot. He’s lovely. A history student like I was, interesting, kind, and most importantly seems to be just as interested in me as I am in him. Basically I shouldn’t be getting ahead of myself but with regard to my previous history, that doesn’t seem likely does it? Now all I need to do is somehow get thin and hot… that doesn’t seem very likely either :-S especially if you struggle to get out the flat like I do, but anyway it still feels good to have some rather conventional romantic emotions about someone.

In other less happy news, I’ve found out that in all likelihood, the NHS will be incredibly slow to deal with my transition. We are talking years. I feel like I’ve wasted so much time already, I’m rapidly approaching my 30th birthday and still haven’t done anything concrete about it. In reality I’ve been becoming more psychologically ready so it hasn’t been a waste of time… but it doesn’t feel like that.

In the world of politics I’ve become convinced that we are in the last three or four decades of western civilisation. America is rapidly losing its sense of liberty and its national debt is truly staggering. Britain is even more of a basket case and we are joined at the hip with the EU. To say the lunatics are running the asylum doesn’t do the gravity of the situation justice. We are living in the last years of decadence before the fanatics pull the curtain down, so enjoy it while it lasts.

In religious news apparently the Vatican is feverishly working on the next encyclical. Will it be about militant Islam? religious freedom? the liturgy? no… apparently its going to be about Ecology. Anyone else looking forward to the next Pope yet? I know I am. If the Vatican gets on board with the global warming myth it will make itself a laughing stock when that particular bubble bursts, if the Vatican goes against it will get lots of smug atheists telling us we are cave dwellers, then nobody will remember it when the bubble bursts. This is a definition of a lose lose subject and also one that has very little to do with religion as far as I can tell. 

Nobody believes in burning the world for the sake of it like some villain from Captain Planet. Even places like China are beginning to realise that there is a cost to ignoring the environmental impact of industrialisation. We shouldn’t be wasteful, we shouldn’t be obsessively materialist, we should avoid pollution as best we can, but none of this needs an encyclical. All it will do is give succour to the tree hugging Gaia worshiping hippies who have infiltrated the highest levels of our society. The people who make millions from wind turbines off the backs of poor people who can’t afford their electricity bills and drop dead in the winter. These people who promote Bio-fuels, inflating global food prices. These people who cause indoor pollution deaths in the third world because cheap electricity is held out of reach because of CO2 caps. Will this encyclical point any of this out? I wouldn’t bet on it no.

The travails of transsexual dating

So then, the upshot of my whirlwind unrequited romance is that I’ve joined a dating website for transsexuals. It is ridiculous that we need our own website, but most of the mainstream dating websites don’t have more than Male/Female or Gay/Straight… I’ve got news for them, there are lots of things besides those binary options. Anyway, the very second thing I got after I joined was some hick from Alabama making a friend request without even messaging me first… I messaged him asking him about who he was etc but got no reply. Welcome to the world of misogyny. I’m sure I’ll begin to understand what has got rabid feminists all riled up all too soon. These ‘men’ expect women to suck their dicks without nary a word of getting to know you first. There is also an unhealthy proportion of men who have a fetish for transsexual women. We are objects to them. Not people. So yes, I shall be cautious.

Talking about rank misogyny I was watching a girl play a highly complex minecraft mod on Twitch the other day, and a message popped up in the combox “show us yer tits”. Which was promptly deleted by the automated system. Then five minutes later another popped up “show us your tits”, now it might have been the same user with a different account, but that is a lot of effort to go to just to lech at someone. This prompted a discussion among the civilised members of the combox about how backward these people were. Then the broadcaster just said to ignore them, its like they don’t even exist to me. This is how it is, the woman has to just put up with this BS. It is an inevitable part of being an attractive woman online. 

In a funny sort of way it might be a good thing that these people expose their disgusting selves for everyone to see and know them for who they are. This is the problem with the downfall of the BNP, at least when it was around we knew exactly who they were. Now they’ve all moved to UKIP, which is a shame because the EU is an abomination, but it doesn’t matter how much sense they talk about that or any other subject now, people will not vote for candidates of a party which has been thoroughly infiltrated by Nazis.

From the sinister to the sublime Fantasy Flight Games have played a blinder at Gencon. A third faction for X-wing. A new Star Wars RPG. A new Star Wars fleet game. A new Star Wars campaign/skirmish game. Yes lots of things Star Wars, all of which I want, none of which I have the money for… :-S I actually emailed them asking for one of the ships they’ve just provided for X-wing. The MandalMotors StarViper is one of the best looking ships in sci-fi. Christmas isn’t all that far away I suppose :P

Thoughts for the day

Vicky Beeching has come out of the closet. Well done her! Let this be a shock to Bible belt America where she is so popular. Also let this be a shock to ‘charismatic’ Christians. In response to a declaration of homosexuality some would attempt to exorcise her. That this bullshit still goes on in this day and age is depressing. I’ve been through the evangelical christian movement… I don’t have much positive to say about it, suffice to say, these little quirks are not harmless, I saw first hand the emotional and spiritual destruction they wrought. 

The conversation that gave rise to me having a nightmare about a charismatic prayer meeting in my parish is worth relaying. I was walking out of church having just altar served when a couple of my fellow parishioners mentioned to me that they wanted to have a charismatic prayer meeting so they can receive the Holy Spirit. (Both of them are older women, one a pensioner) 

What I should have said was “Is the body and blood of Christ not enough for you?”. Instead I flatly said I’d rather be dead, that I’d been there, done that and I didn’t want the T-shirt. When did Catholics lose the idea that the Holy Spirit is entirely involved in the Mass? without the Spirit transubstantiation wouldn’t happen. This is the core of our faith, it is said explicitly every Mass.
But apparently people getting emotional in a group, speaking gibberish and calling it ‘tongues’ and generally being loud and discordant is somehow the Holy Spirit at work. Give me a break.

In other news; have I mentioned that I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy? well I did, and its fantastic, wall to wall action packed fun, filled to the brim with colour. Every character is good, with the possible exception of the villain who isn’t given much background story. But then how much background did we get on Darth Vader in Star Wars: A New Hope. Little to none. The bad guys are bad because they do very bad things; Kill they ass. We can worry about how the murderous lunatics of ISIS got their ideology after they are all safely dead. (Hint, it has something to do with the contents of the Quran)

In other world news I’ve been following America for some time via my favourite bloggers. And to quote a phrase: all is not well. Their police are armed with military hardware, some of whom are aggressive bordering on the psychotic and the legal system defends their right to dispense random violence to the back teeth. The US legal system is totally sclerotic and open to abuse. The border police pull guns on boy scouts on the Canadian border whilst letting millions of Mexicans in at the southern border. America is rapidly becoming a basket case and the President is golf player in chief. Frankly at this point anybody would do a better job, even Hillary Clinton, and that’s saying something.

In other news, a year back I watched a video of Mark Steyn talking about his book on demographics titled America alone. In it he said it was only a matter of time before Turkey went the way of Islamic government because the more staunchly Islamic Anatolian Turks were massively out procreating the moderate secular Turks. Well that day has come to pass and their PM sounds more like an Islamist every day.

Demographics are destiny, we should remember that, and I for one don’t want to wake up one morning living in an Islamic state. Turkey of course was always going to fall first, but the demographics for Europe are equally troubling. Quite simply, Muslims are having more babies than we are, and the more radical they are the more babies they seem to be having. This coupled with the fact that the more radical Muslims (ie the ones who actually do what the Quran says all good Muslims should do) are the ones who are making most of the noise in the culture, and they are not as small a minority as the fuzzy liberals would have us believe. One in three young Muslims in this country believe apostasy from Islam should be punished by death.

Meanwhile thanks to modern global communications Muslims can all tune into Al Jazeera to get their daily dose of unreformed middle eastern Islam straight from the deserts of Arabia, a Qatari funded channel that glosses over the murderous nature of ISIS like its a non issue. Then they can go onto Twitter to check up on the latest picture of a jihadi holding a severed infidel head. 

The writing is on the wall or more precisely, the black flag of the ‘Islamic Caliphate’ has already been seen flying over a London housing estate. Hopefully it won’t happen in my lifetime, but if I had kids I’d be very worried for my grandchildren. Like I say, if we do not like the idea of Europe being overrun by radical Islamists then we need to saddle up and do something about it now starting with the pernicious doctrine of multiculturalism that gives Islamism the perfect breeding ground. That and we need to start making babies any takers?


Curse my rotten luck

This last few days I’ve been chatting and flirting with a guy, getting really excited about how compatible we are, how cute he is, that he seemed interested in me and not bothered that I am transsexual. Well it turns out he’s asexual. Curse my rotten luck. Looks like we’ll be friends but the flirting really gave me different ideas.

As a transsexual I’ve gotten used to the idea that I’ll be perpetually single, at least until I can pass as a woman (which might be never) then I get a glimpse of hope, only to be swiftly dashed. I know this is a grim and counter productive thought, but sometimes it really does feel like its better to have no hope at all than to have hopes that are dashed. I now understand why people have casual sex, because it is better than a crushing sense of loneliness.

It may be awful but denouncing casual sex can seem a bit like snatching food from someone who hasn’t eaten for five days because they are about to eat a burger and its unhealthy. If we want to deal with casual sex in our culture then we need to deal with the starvation of love that people experience every day.

It is only when we focus on God’s love for us that we can recognise the junk food for what it is and how it harms us. Also if Catholicism had a stronger sense of community, like I’m told it used to, that would be good. It would be nice if Catholics wanted to socialise a bit more. Then again it’d probably be bingo and charismatic prayer meetings. Talking of which I actually had a nightmare about a charismatic prayer meeting in my parish last night… eeeep!

World news is relentlessly grim at the moment isn’t it? its coming to the stage where I should probably sacrifice my savant like knowledge of world events for the sake of my own sanity. You only become ever increasingly aware of how badly the world is governed. That a group as blatantly evil as ISIS can take over a huge swathe of land, murdering anyone who doesn’t conform to their sick world view, and the free world does little to nothing.

A couple of bombing runs isn’t going to do it Mr Obama and Mr Cameron. A couple of months of relentless death from above might not do it either but it would be less laughable. If we are against the spread of evil then we need to get serious and saddle up, if not we should shut up and mind our own business like the abject bystanders that we are.

The problems over there will soon be exported to us via terrorism, it will take another large scale terrorist attack to rouse the West from our apathy and isolationism. People will say “why wasn’t something done?” probably the very same people who did nothing and advocated doing nothing and denounced anyone who advocated doing something.

In other depressing news Robin Williams has killed himself. Depression is an awful thing, and I guess my depression is relatively mild in comparison. As a Christian it is good to know that my life isn’t my own to take. It does not belong to me, it belongs to Jesus. This knowledge has kept me from doing the worst when everything has seemed black and for that I can only ever be eternally grateful to my religion. I will never abandon Catholicism because in my darkest hours it has never abandoned me. Pray for the repose of his soul and his assuredly devastated family.

Kill your TV

So then, Baroness Warsi has resigned from the cabinet because of the UK government’s decision not to condemn Israel for the conflict in Gaza. Well it’d be more of a story if anyone gave a damn for Baroness Warsi other than Baroness Warsi. I’m sure she’ll have a long and prosperous career on BBC panel shows catering to the moral relativism market. Which reminds me, I’m so glad I don’t watch TV anymore.

So then, what is the real story about Gaza? Well things rarely change when it comes to the Palestinians, but the middle east has changed around them. The Arab spring has turned out to be a disaster and the last thing that Israel’s Arab neighbours want is a horrible little group like Hamas being emboldened, getting everything that they want by starting a war they cannot win.

Thus we have the weird situation where Europe and the USA are seemingly pro-Hamas with Egypt and Saudi Arabia against. Israel represents a stable ally against Iran and Hamas are a fanatical terrorist group funded from Tehran.

So anyway, maybe some of you are wondering why I am so pro-Israel? Well I think the answer is because the anti-Israel attitude I see all the time in this country is thinly disguised antisemitism.

My life has basically been a journey towards being in a minority. Becoming Catholic opened my eyes to anti-Catholicism, being conservative in the north of England opened my eyes to the knee-jerk hatred of ‘Tories’ (and frankly irrational nature of left wing belief systems). Learning the truth about ‘global warming’ has given me nothing but grief for not toeing the line. Being bisexual and transgender as well as Catholic seems to put me in a minority of one. So when people conflate Israel with ‘The Jews’, and then proceeds to verbally attack them with vitriol, my hackles rise.

It is becoming a mantra of mine, so I’ll say it again, it seems to me that the truth is always more complicated than we are told. Dig a little deeper into any tricky subject and you discover that the narrative created to be swallowed unquestioningly by the masses is at best filled with error at worst mass deception. If some group or person are going to such lengths to create a web of half truths someone, somewhere must have an incentive to do so.

Recently I’ve been struck by the sudden drop in the quality of the Telegraph newspaper precipitated by the wholesale ejection of seasoned reporters and writers from that publication. I don’t have an alternative newspaper I trust. The Times, among its many sins, is rabidly anti-Catholic, the Daily Mail has one or two good writers but is otherwise absolute gutter press, the Indy is unreadable and whiny, the Guardian wrong headed on absolutely everything. So yes, expect to see more links to Brietbart London.

People trusting the BBC to report the Gaza conflict without bias are living in a fantasy world. Everyone has a bias. Don’t believe anything you see or hear straight off the bat. Also if international reporters won’t dare record Hamas fighters attacking Israel, then you have to ask yourself what kind of picture is that going to create in the minds of people in the west. The camera does lie, and the easiest lie of all is to lie by omission.

The media response to the Ebola crisis is another good example, all over I’m seeing articles saying its nothing to worry about. This on a virus has a 50% fatality rate even under hospital care and can be transmitted by fluid contact, eg dirty needles and sex. We’ve obviously never had a problem with a virus that can be spread like that before have we?

Interestingly this outbreak has killed more people than all the previous outbreaks put together because it has a slower cycle, in other words because its been ever so slightly slower to kill its hosts it has been more able to spread. Just think, we only need another mutation in this direction and Ebola could become a global health crisis that makes the AIDS epidemic look like cold season.

Finally if Ebola is so easy to contain why is it that western doctors who are fully aware they are treating infected persons have become infected themselves? Do we really think the standards of cleanliness in UK hospitals are perfect? (They really aren’t)

So whilst our healthcare system would be better able to cope with Ebola people do need to be worried about it, it is only by being extremely vigilant that we can defend ourselves from it and the complacency of the media response is problematic for this reason. Seems to me the message is, keep calm and carry on shopping. So yes, as Douglas Coupland said in Generation X “Kill your TV”.

Critical thinking

Well I just had a lovely coffee chat with a gay christian Anglican friend. We talked about anything and everything and had a great time doing so. But there are problems when you talk to someone in the North of England about politics. Basically there is only left and far left. I’d love to be a socialist, I was very left leaning when I was at Sixthform college, I think I even voted Labour in the first election I was eligible to vote in.

Unfortunately I was mugged by reality, the more you read about the world and how it works (or doesn’t work as is invariably the case) the more the idealism of youth tends to fade, especially when you see that a lot of those ideals had unintended consequences when lived out in the world that did more damage than the problems they were supposed to be solving.

People don’t understand economics, they don’t understand psychology, they don’t understand history and least of all, and most dangerously, they don’t understand religion or philosophy. We are living in a world where the IMF talks out of its bum about economics. Where the UN is a talking shop for tyrants and torturers. Where the EU is mindlessly marching on to an ‘ever greater union’ despite all the evidence that Europe doesn’t have a common culture, system of law, or economy.

We are living in a world where the global warming myth is still taken seriously long after the ‘science’ has been discredited. Where on closer inspection even the rabid greens at the IPCC slip in confessions, for example, that the cost of reversing global warming (not that there is any, but cest la vie) will be much higher than the cost of dealing with its consequences. Which is a huge torpedo under the waterline for the whole climate change industry. Except curiously this line doesn’t get into the policy brief for politicians from very same IPCC because that is written by a clique of even more insular rabid greens…

The whole thing is beyond a farce. But people don’t like to believe the world is run by idiots. They would rather believe intricate conspiracy theories that everything is run by the Illuminati. Sorry folks, this country is run by people called David Cameron, Nick Clegg and soon Ed Miliband. The world is run by these people desperately trying to make sense of things, muddling through one thing after another, then they go home drink a whiskey and think… well at least I’m getting paid a big wedge of cash…

Gordon Brown was supposed to be an economist for crying out loud and he spent all the money faster than any peacetime chancellor in history, whilst constantly spouting on about prudence and how he had personally abolished ‘boom and bust’. These people really are complete idiots.

The problem with idiots though, is you cannot argue with a drunk or a fool. We need to rebuild our society’s critical thinking functions from the ground up.