Lies, damn lies and socialists.

So the fallout of the election is still being examined. But I have a few distinct memories. The first is that numerous left wing people posted fraudulent claims on Facebook. Of course Facebook is no longer the trend setter that it used to be. It is used by washed up shut-ins like me and people who don’t know what the latest thing in social networking is (also me). But its interesting that rather than honestly engaging with political issues left wingers invariably prefer fantasy land. See also Buzzfeed, Huffpost etc.

I have seen at least two long and totally fictitious speeches put into the mouth of David Cameron. I have seen fictitious manifestos and just yesterday I saw fictitious designs of Michael Gove’s next project (getting rid of the EU interference in our constitution). It doesn’t seem to matter that none of these things were true. When I pointed it out the people in question went back to the left wing circle jerk without batting an eyelid. People say its a truism that all politicians lie, but these days, its leftist voters who are lying even more than their representatives.

Margaret Thatcher said three things that have stuck with me and stood the test of time. The first is: “the facts of life are conservative”, the more you study literally anything the more you realise this is true. Conservatives (which would have a small c if it wasn’t at the start of the sentence) look at how the world is and act accordingly, leftists create a fantasy world then try to bend reality to fit, destroying anything that gets in the way. The lefty propaganda of this election has borne that out in spectacular clarity.

The second thing Maggie said was that (socialists) “don’t mind the poor being poorer so long as the rich are less rich.” Ed Miliband was talking up class warfare for a new generation, capitalists are predators apparently. Making money is evil. If you are poor then we’ll shower you with state paternalism but if you ever try to better your own lot you’ll be hammered you down with taxes. I remember working a minimum wage job and having a huge chunk of my meagre means sucked away by the state and thinking no wonder the gap between the rich and poor widened under New Labour.

Its a sound conservative ideal to lower taxes as much as possible for as many people as possible starting with the less well off. Socialists on the other hand need all the money they can get their hands on to create jobs for the ‘new class’. The self-righteous, mediocre, parasitic, patronising, middle class snobs in cushy public sector jobs who work night and day to ensure 50% of our GDP is public spending so they can have jobs for life. According to these self same people, in left wing fantasy land, people vote conservative because they are cold hearted fascists who hate the poor and vulnerable and want them to suffer.

The third thing Maggie said was: “the biggest problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money”. If ever there was an election which proved that it was this one. Red Ed and Ed Bollocks were both key players in Labour’s prolific spending spree before the economic crash. They left our country in a staggeringly weak position to deal with the financial crisis, their hubris assured them we would never have another recession ever again… and they openly said they’d do it all again given the chance.

The “sorry there is no more money” treasury note ‘joke’ was rightfully waved about by David Cameron*. The two Ed’s refusing to admit the Labour government had over spent was the sound of them getting into a political coffin and nailing it shut from the inside. (*Though Cameron was waving it about because at heart he’s a tax and spend paternalist who wishes he had lots of taxpayers money to fritter away in the cause of his own self aggrandisement)

So there we have it. Ed Miliband lost because he wasn’t Margaret Thatcher. Who’d have thunk it?

TFI Friday, election results.

Thank goodness this election is over. Having so many lefties of my generation on Facebook it is very easy to get a distorted view of how things might turn out, but all the polls bar the exit poll pointed towards a truly messy hung parliament with a possible Labour SNP coalition. Thankfully the most left wing Labour government since the 1970’s, propped up by an even further to the left SNP has not come to pass.

So then, some things of note.

The SNP got 5% of the votes and 56 MP’s, Libdems 8% of the vote and 8 MP’s, UKIP got 12% of the vote and got one MP. If they find a way to make proportional representation directly elect candidates then I’m game.

David Cameron “won” in a late surge, with the last second strategy of shouting “aaaaarg SNP”. That was not a positive campaign right at the end, and he has not won a big majority. Margaret Thatcher he is not. He will have to work very hard and listen to his backbenchers if he wants to govern effectively. Which is, hopefully, a very good thing.

My guess is the threat of an SNP/Brownite coalition scared the grey vote out of the woodwork. Demographically speaking this factor will not last forever. The revolution in modern healthcare has ensured this grey vote has kept the Conservatives in contention but nobody lives forever, almost everyone I know of my generation is left wing. David Cameron did give a good victory speech however. Hopefully single party government will be kinder to him, be better for this country and he can pass a constituency boundary reform that will level the playing field for the future.

The disingenuously named Libdems have received an almighty kicking. Huzzah. To all my Labour voting friends; I’ll happily raise a pint with you to their demise. Ed Davey and Vince Cable can jog on. Good riddance to bad rubbish. David Cameron will have to look for some other idiot to run the Energy and ‘climate change’ department, and he’ll struggle to find a more anti-business business secretary. Nick Clegg will have to resign as leader of his minuscule party but I’m sure they’ll replace him with someone equally loathsome.

In perhaps less obvious good news the SNP have a clear mandate to ask for constitutional reform and it will be impossible for them to have new powers in Scotland whilst they have votes on issues only effecting other countries in the UK. Better this process happens under a Conservative government than a Labour one. Labour would rush to give away the store to keep Scotland, the last bastion of half brained socialism, within the UK. The Conservatives have a vague understanding of the constitutional history of this land and are hopefully less prone to radicalism when it comes to tampering with the foundations of our democracy. Perhaps the Barnett formula can be scrapped at the same time, one can but dream.

The scale of the SNP victory might even temper Labour’s bowing and scraping to the Scots since now they have nothing left to lose. The SNP lost the battle that was the referendum but have won the war. Scotland will be independent, either through federalism or full independence, whether in five years or fifty. As far as I’m concerned the sooner Scottish taxpayers are the ones footing the bill for the SNP’s socialistic jingoism the better.

Red Ed will have to resign and I have a naive hope that better opposition might lead to better government. He will not be missed. Who was he again?

Ed Balls has been defenestrated by the voters. Oh what a beautiful day. That awful man had a major role in so much of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s demolition of this country. He was joint architect of this hopeless Labour opposition. Thank God for the sensible English men and women who showed exactly what they thought of him.

At the time of writing it looks like Nigel Farage will also resign. I’d have liked to see him in parliament, but it could end up being a good thing for his party. UKIP needs to move on from revolving around him. He has genuinely moved the political debate towards conservative values on several key issues. Thanks to him the legacy parties have had to start talking a modicum of common-sense on the EU and immigration. The EU referendum he fought for will most likely happen and may that be his final hurrah. May he have a long and happy retirement knowing he did his country a great service in the face of staggeringly biased media coverage.

On the other hand perhaps this is the end of the road for UKIP? maybe a Conservative government that provides a referendum on EU membership and that doesn’t have to pander to the Libdems will mean UKIP lose the reason to exist? time will tell.

The dangers of UKIP splitting the conservative vote didn’t appear as much as I feared but mainly because Ed Miliband was so pathetic. It did cost Esther McVey her seat and the irony was certainly not lost on her, she was the most chipper loser I’ve ever seen. Perhaps if Farage retires some kind of deal can be struck to avoid this in the future?

Anyway, a good result from an election that filled me with dread. I can sleep now in the knowledge that the destruction of this country will be somewhat slower than I thought only a day ago.

Stupid Election

So then, my theory that the world is collectively getting dumber is only going to grow in strength in an election year. Ed Miliband seems to think 1970’s style socialism is just the ticket. David Cameron is campaigning on the platform of ‘I am not Ed Miliband’. Unfortunately for his electoral prospects the nation has managed to get to the other side of the recession swamp despite him and his cack-handed pinko administration rather than because of anything he’s done. The idea of voting for a man’s systematic destruction of the Conservative party and its core principles is galling. Even if the Labour party has embraced its most destructive left wing fantasies that doesn’t exactly get me running to the polling station. Not that the Conservatives matter up north anyway. Labour’s opposition here is UKIP.

To give you an idea of the absurdity of our current Prime Minister, recently UKIP promised to keep UK defence spending at 2% of GDP. This is astonishing only in the fact that it has been an election issue at all. The UK, as a Nato signatory, has promised on to keep its defence spending over 2% of GDP. So what is David Cameron doing neglecting our responsibilities on the global stage by not promising to keep it at that level? Heaven forbid we should get into a shooting war with a country that actually has a military rather than the unruly mobs we’ve had such trouble fighting in the middle east. What people don’t realise is that the 2% of gdp, that Cameron hasn’t promised to ring fence, for the first time includes our very expensive nuclear deterrent. In other words military expenditure has gone through the floor under our present government at a time when the world seems less safe by the day.

This is what is so irritating about the furore surrounding UKIP, on this issue and many others not only is it obvious they are talking sense, its the legacy parties who are talking absolute tosh. UKIP is subjected to the most intense scrutiny (and indeed misinformation) regarding its candidates. This scrutiny should be subjected to the legacy parties. I’ve got news for Labour, Conservatives and Libdem parties, a lot of your party members are bigots too. The Greens are misanthropes who want to send us back to the stone age but they are getting wildly disproportionate voter support due to the dishonest reporting and left leaning foibles of our current establishment. This and the fact that their idiotic energy policy is actually less idiotic than Labour’s, I get the feeling that leftists don’t want to start throwing stones in glass houses. The SNP and Plaid Cymru are both campaigning on a platform even further to the left of Labour and look like they will do quite well doing so. We are faced with Labour needing SNP support to form a government so far to the left it really will be back to the 1970’s.

Good luck with the future peeps. If you have any money now is the time to emigrate. Meanwhile the rest of us might as well start learning the soviet anthem.

May you live in idiotic times.

So then its been months since my last post. Winter is always absolutely brutal to my mental health. Also nothing much has changed in the world except the news has been increasingly and unrelentingly grim. They say cometh the hour; cometh the man, but I see no evidence of that thus far. There is a reason why the bible says don’t put your faith in kings and princes.

My therapist tells me that focusing on future global issues is one of things which cripples me in the here and now and he’s almost certainly right. But I’m going to talk about my favourite pet beef anyway.

The head of the IPCC has resigned after allegations of sexual harassment. This is the railway engineer who, with a close knit cadre of chums, repeatedly rewrote the IPCC summary for policy makers to whitewash the findings of the full report which were invariably less conclusive than he would have liked (or at least retained a modicum of healthy scientific caution).

At the same time as one of the chief architects of the anthropogenic global warming scam is exiting stage left, the government funded bodies in America that keep the ground temperature record have been caught upwardly adjusting the temperature records by 35%.

You remember how 2014 was the hottest year on record? well it wasn’t. But it doesn’t matter because news that they’ve fiddled the numbers will never make it into the mainstream press anyway. Christopher Booker being the notable exception. (one of the two good writers left at the zombie Telegraph)

Now all that is left is to ascribe motivation to the most expensive error in the history of science. Was it deception? was it confirmation bias? was it just a massive cock up by statistically illiterate ‘scientists’? well if it were the latter it would have been corrected before now. It doesn’t matter to the warmists if they make mistakes so long as they make the right kind of mistakes. My theory is that left wing governments across the Western world have had little incentive to dig up the truth, because this kind of scare is right up their ally.

It reminds me of Reg Shoe in Terry Pratchett’s Nightwatch who is so ideologically blinded he puts The Peoples Republic of Treacle Mine Road under rationing when they have more food than they can possibly eat. (Just so long as he gets to be the one holding the clipboard and bossing everyone about of course). Except of course this manufactured alarm is a colossal waste of money in a time when nobody has any money. It seems to me the jig is up, but I don’t expect the leftists of the world to stop dancing to its long faded tune. We truly live in the most idiotic times.

Mad world gets madder by the minute

Lately I’ve been casting my eye over politics again. A friend of mine asked why. My response was that its the most laughably dysfunctional process run by the most intellectually dishonest people, so I guess its morbid curiosity. But if at the moment politics is a dark comedy its about to become a serious nightmare. Ed Miliband looks utterly hopeless but the worst thing about it is that EVERYBODY KNOWS this and Labour are still neck and neck or slightly ahead in the polls. The question arises why?

The answer isn’t political, its cultural. It started with the way universities were subverted by communists in this country during the cold war. In fact a lot of red professors were open about their loyalties to the Soviet Union. This led to left wing school teachers who are also public servants so public spending will always be a good thing in their book. Then we had the rise of anti-Thatcherism on TV. Ben Elton and co. That is what really began to push the needle left in this country. Politics became a matter of what was cool and what wasn’t and lets be clear it became so ingrained that Ben Elton could walk onto a stage and say ‘Margaret Thatcher’ and people would boo like trained monkeys. Tony Blair’s ‘cool Britania’ was the logical conclusion of this vacuous movement, when being seen to be a ‘cool’ politician trumped everything, spin was vastly more important than substance. Barack Obama owes a lot to Tony Blair in this way.

The final result is we have generations of people at voting age who have been raised in a culture where TV is king and TV is left wing. They will vote accordingly. Conservative voters are almost always either old or very old. The demographics are destiny because the culture war has been fought and won, by the left.

Now it doesn’t matter how effectively you argue that left wing ideas are poisonous to the poor. It doesn’t matter how effectively you argue that wind ‘power’ is utterly bonkers. It doesn’t matter how many horror stories about the EU you uncover. You can’t compete with two hours a day of brainwashing. People do believe what they see on the news, especially the opinion. That is the interesting part, people do often feel able to question facts of a piece (not enough in my opinion but still) but they don’t question the manipulation of the heartstrings.

A typical BBC report on anything, will have the right wing politico say something, then rather than find a lefty politico to debate the issue they’ll go find someone who will make a sad face to camera and say look what that horrible politico is doing to the average Joe. It is this blatant manipulation that makes me tear my hair out. This goes on at the highest levels at the ultimate lefty institution and waste of oxygen, the UN. Logic does not prevail today, we live in a mad age. When will the world wake up? Probably the day people dispose of their TV’s.

In Catholic news, the lefty media has picked up on a couple of not quite damning things a Bishop has said about gay people in a position paper for the Synod on the family. This is apparently big news. It really isn’t. The left wing media should get its sources in their correct context and stop getting people’s hopes up. The Church needs to be obedient to its own Catechism first in regard to being truly accepting and compassionate to gay people. Once that happens eventually it will have to listen to gay people and discover that they do not consider themselves to be ‘intrinsically disordered’ when it comes to who they fall in love with. I expect change to come gradually, probably long after I’m dead, I’d say five hundred years is an ambitious estimate. By which time western civilisation will have long since fallen so I guess it’ll be a moot point.

My mind is made up, I am now in favour of gay marriage.

Yes, this is something that was obviously in the offing, that my past reluctance to endorse gay marriage was gradually eroding with the more loving gay Christian couples I met. Gay marriage is the only honest response to the romantic love God seems to be giving gay christian couples. It never occurred to the early Church that gentiles might become the vast majority of its members, until God gave gentiles the Holy Spirit, likewise the Church now has to recognise the reality of gay love. Because I knew that secular people have a warped idea of marriage to begin with it took gay Christian couples to convince me.

Christianity invented the idea of marriage being about love, but just as Jesus said the Sabbath was made for man, so marriage is made for love not the other way around. When you find gay people with this christian desire for the sanctity of marriage for their relationship it is eye opening, when you see that they really do genuinely and deeply love one another it takes a certain kind of callousness to grope around for reasons to tell them that their love is not worthy of the Church’s blessing.

It seems to me that gay love is a mirror of God’s limitless love for humanity not bound by our human frailties. That there have been gay people since the dawn of time and there are now seven billion people on the planet. Maybe Christian homophobes seem to think that everytime two women or two men kiss a child dies? Actually if straight Christians obey the Church when it comes to contraception then there will be plenty of sons and daughters to become priests and nuns, and there will also be enough of us so that the one in ten of us who are gay will not cause any harm to the survival of the species.

I’ve been ruminating a lot on this in my sleep, because for the first time I went to bed genuinely happy to be queer last night, I’ve finally realised why ‘Courage’ is so incredibly discouraging and its the same reason they ceaselessly use the term same sex attraction. They cannot use the term gay because for them it would be a lie, because they are miserable, they are deeply unhappy to be the people that God created them to be. It does not have to be this way, God calls us to life and life in all its fullness.

The reason I went to sleep happy was that I went to another fantastic LGBT Christian event and heard the newly minted (Catholic) ceo of Stonewall talk about their work and simply and powerfully about how right it is that gay people be true to who they are. The theme of the event was Desmond Tutu’s quote “There comes a point where we all need to stop just pulling people out of the river, we need to go upstream and find out why they are falling in”. Or in the case of gay Christians, why we are being pushed in.

It is within this context that I can look past the psychological hurt done to me by the Church that does not seem to care it is crucifying its own members on the issue of homosexuality. Remind myself that I am just one person, and that actually there are many more like me, and that whilst keeping my head below the parapet might be a good survival technique I owe it to my gay brothers and sisters in Christ to voice my dissent against the machinery of this institution that really does grind so many of us into paste.

The Catholic Church does not realise how brutally it erases its gay members. It seems to think that insisting gay people never do anything gay is somehow a loving acceptance of gay people. No it is not. It is annihilation. The Catholic Church has said in the Catechism decades ago now that gay people need to be loved and accepted, but when it comes to what that actually might entail it still needs to be educated.

Being gay absolutely is not a ‘cross to bear’, being gay is wonderful, what is a cross to bear is the Church’s small minded refusal to truly accept gay people for who they are and who they love. I am happy because the gay Christians I’ve met are wonderful and from now on I will endeavour to put my head above the parapet for them, I will not be beaten down because now I have other people I can stand up and be counted for and be vociferous in their defence.

Independence day?

So the Scottish referendum is upon us. I think its a harbinger of the apocalypse, not because Scottish independence would be bad for everyone, which it would, but that so much energy is being wasted on such a nonsense, a self inflicted wound. There are so many real life issues we should be more concerned about rather than creating new ones. The cost to the UK monetarily will be staggering, but the cost to our cohesion, to our identity will be huge and is already huge.

The Orange order were marching in Endinbrugh. We do not need sectarian tensions being given fuel. Violence is being predicted on polling day, and the no campaign has been somewhat understated because people don’t want to open themselves up to the virulent nationalist attacks. We do not need to be weakened with infighting when it seems the wheels are falling off the wagon of the post world war two war peace dividend.

Pope Francis has called the current level of global conflict a piecemeal world war three, which is maybe a slight exaggeration, but there is that feeling in the air similar to Japan’s invasion of China that showed the league of nations was a powerless talking shop (just as the UN is seen today) Obama’s desire for peace is manifesting as inaction and allowing evil to flourish. Putin is a cold war relic reacting to EU over reaching. But the vast majority of the conflict has been Islamic in motivation, when are people going to start saying the blindingly obvious on that front?

Obama threw away the hard won peace in Iraq with his premature retreat. His weak and slow reaction to ISIS has meant the effort to stop them will have to be bigger, and will probably have to fall to the next US president. But the other thing the world needs to get used to is that all wars involve civilian casualties, wars against a terrorist state especially so because they hide amongst civilians and positively revel in civilian casualties. They commit deliberate acts of mass murder precipitating war, then point to the inevitable collateral damage of war and say “see you are just as bad as us”.

Moderation in war is madness, you need to destroy your enemy as quickly as possible, long attritional wars always cause more death and destruction. But that’s what we’ll get with president weak sauce. Meanwhile the rest of Nato has slashed defense spending to the point that without America we can do little to nothing.

British defense spending has always been slashed just years before a big war. This is how its been for hundreds of years. By that reckoning there is a storm coming. It seems the only politician with any balls is Tony Abbott of Australia, committing troops, his decision to confront evil head on is inspiring, it is better to be on hand with ten men than absent with ten thousand, its time the western world followed his example, the more troops you send the less you’ll lose and six hundred Aussies isn’t going to get it done.