The Shinobi Awakens!

The shinobi awakes from his slumber, his senses are dull at first but gradually they heighten, he is aware of his surroundings, he is in England, once proudly titled Our Lady’s Dowry, once one of the foremost Catholic countries in Europe.

Now its good people have fallen upon harder times, a long time ago their masters betrayed the faith of their fathers and unwittingly brought many plagues on this noble land. The many dragons of secularism, modernism, materialism, epicureanism, nihilism, liberalism, socialism, protestantism and atheism now jostle for the attention of the beleaguered Englishman and Englishwoman.

But the shinobi also knows that there is a subculture of counter-revolutionaries, of steadfast patience, who watch and wait and quietly go about the sacred duty and joy which is Catholicism. Who all hope and pray that this country can once again become a great Catholic nation.

The shinobi is heartened and emboldened, he senses this is a time of unparalleled opportunity for the Catholic Church in this country. We have a most excellent leader Pope Benedict XVI, the struggles that have brought us thus far have made us strong, God has presented us with this divine moment of grace which if embraced could change the spiritual landscape of this land.

A burning desire arises within the shinobi’s heart, the news needs to be spread that orthodox faith is, as it always has been, the greatest gift the Church can offer, a prize so great it should be sought like an oasis in the desert.

But alas there is danger still, secrecy must be maintained for a while for not everyone sees orthodoxy in the same way, some cling to modernism, even as post-modernism sweeps it away. Some misunderstand orthodoxy, think it means  merely to be old fashioned.

However in both his heart and mind the Catholic shinobi knows that orthodoxy is radical, when properly practiced it re-fashions its holder into Christ’s image, just like a smithy can slowly and lovingly hammer a sword into a ploughshare, a tool for the vineyard of the kingdom of God. This re-fashioning involves fire however and some will see this as a threat, the shinobi decides it better that he remain anonymous.

So he dons the mask of blogging and pads around, listening for the direction of the wind of the holy spirit, the promptings of Rome and the Holy Father, and whispers words of encouragement to his fellow Catholics.


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