How should we be recieving communion?

This is a subject that I’m sure Catholic bloggers more capable that I have already covered from every angle, but I feel I should add my voice to the chorus of agreement.

Kneeling and on the tongue, without doubt, is the best way to receive communion. Why do we have to suffer through any more of the dole queue of shame that we have at mass in this country? Watching people shuffle forward hands outstretched in supplication is just so sad…

Watching people kneel and receive on the tongue is so incredibly awe inspiring!!!

It is about humility. Rather than taking from a priest we receive directly from him.  The only truly empowering way to receive the Eucharist is kneeling and on the tongue, for several very good reasons.

Kneeling is naturally humble and humility is the only correct response to the presence of God. When we are humble we are actually more aware of our true value in relation to God, and our true value is that God loves us more than we can imagine, hence it is empowering in a way that standing and receiving on the hand never can be.

I think I recall from somewhere it was and still is a tradition/custom within Judaism that the chief celebrant of the passover meal/shabbat meal gives a piece of unleavened bread directly into the mouth of his most beloved. Perhaps to his wife, or child. I rather like being most beloved by Christ and indeed all Christians are most beloved since he came to die for us for our salvation.

It has been the traditional way to receive communion in the Catholic Church until very recently… and even now it isn’t the officially preferred method of distribution within Catholic liturgy… just what the Bishops of England and Wales seem determined to foist on us.

You get to stick your tongue out at the priest 😀

Perhaps most importantly as long as you do stick your tongue out properly there is by FAR less chance of dropping it, of crumbs or profaning the body of Christ in any way. Which considering the lengths to which a priest goes to in order to avoid doing so or dropping crumbs and he is consecrated to the priesthood, to simply place the sacrament into the unconsecrated hands of a lay person is simply bizarre. Hopefully anyone who has an appreciation for the sanctity of the priesthood and the incredible miracle of transubstantiation should inherently have an understanding of the importance of this.

Oh and the Pope is massively in its favor.

So I would like to recommend that anyone that can* should give it a go for at least four Sundays in a row, I’m almost certain that you won’t want to go back.

*and I’ve seen people who’d make Yoda look youthful recieve the Eucharist kneeling and on the tongue so there isn’t much room for excuses there, except if you have broken your legs or are in a wheelchair, or are pregnant or something like that.

There is something to be said for not disrupting the liturgy, for not making people look bad and certainly for not trying to make oneself look pious. But these things are often just excuses when it comes to stopping us from having the honor of receiving Jesus in the most reverent way possible.

I know it can feel awkward to be different or initially the intimacy involved in receiving on the tongue offends the natural English reserve, I know some people are squeamish about hygiene but these aren’t good excuses either.

Remember there are far more Catholics who have ever lived who received kneeling and on the tongue than there are people alive on this planet right now so you will be very much with the majority of Catholics. So MAN UP!

P.S. I’m not really sure what a female equivalent of the phrase MAN UP would be, answers on the back of a postcard please.


One thought on “How should we be recieving communion?

  1. I’m with you here. Remember how St John – the beloved disciple who leaned on Our Lord’s breast at the Last Supper – reacts at the start of the Apocalypse on meeting the Risen Christ: he falls to the ground as one dead!

    Stand? I wouldn’t dare…

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