So Ed Milliband is an atheist, well at least he’s honest.

So the Labour party has finally picked a leader, and apparently he is of the more left wing variety. No surprises there really, its what every party does after losing power, appeal more directly to its natural political base. But it is interesting that Ed’s theological position on the existence of God has so quickly been revealed to the electorate.

Is it because people are more interested in the issue of a leader’s faith than before? I’d like to think so but I doubt it.

Is it because Ed is keen to show off his socialist credentials by shrugging off the opiate of the masses? I hope not but worry it might be.

Is it because Tony Blair and especially Gordon Brown have become so unpopular in the minds of the people of Britain that anything that distances Ed Milliband from them and some of their disasterous choices whilst in government is being pounced upon like a starving tiger?  Hmmm there might be something to that too.

But wait is this bad news? The full text of Ed’s theological pronouncement was thus “I don’t believe in God, but I have great respect for people that do” well well well, if that is true then that would be a turn up for the books.  If he really does put that into practice then maybe Ed will distance himself from some of the anti-christian decisions his christian predecessors made whilst in government.

If Labour would stop attacking the majority religion of this land for five minutes then it might start becoming electable again, having said that the chances are that Ed still thinks that Tony and Gordon respected religion in the public sphere, so we would probably be in for more of the same.

The results of the last parliamentary election in Britain were a farce especially in England, basically people were voting for anyone except Labour. They couldn’t vote en mass for the Lib dems (thank God) and yet they couldn’t wholeheartedly vote for the conservatives either, the only thing that was certain, was that the idea of keeping the not so great dictator Gordon Brown in power made people feel physically nauseous.

Anyway an electable Labour party seems to be a pipe dream at the moment, because it looks like making the poor rich by making the rich poor is once again Labour’s little fetish.  The problem with that is that an unelectable opposition creates complacent government and complacency is the last thing we need in our leaders right now.

Not many people realise that the social doctrine of the Catholic Church is actually against socialism. Making a nation reliant on the state is demeaning to its citizens and beneath the God given dignity of humanity.

By increasing taxes and ring fencing public sector funding the Labour party intends to do just that and I don’t think that’s what this country wants. Ironically though, maybe New Labour will have created enough poor people that a return to Old Labour values might bring them closer to an election win. That is a good reason to start praying the rosary right there.


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