The love of animals

I also thought I’d say I loved the picture of the holy father with the Cat from the Birmingham oratory, in the post for October 4th on whispers in the loggia. The story is widely known that when the Pope wasn’t yet Pope and able to wonder the streets of Rome relatively anonymously, he’d often be followed by strays.

The love of God’s creatures stems from the Love of God, and as such properly it will not diminish our love of fellow man and woman. Otherwise the Ayatollah of Iran might be right to ban pets, and we can’t have that!

Perhaps I’ve got a perverse sense of humour but it always amuses me when someone with whom I work, whenever she hears of cruelty to animals, gives a long list of things she’d like to inflict on the culprit, many of which involve a prolonged and agonising death.

This distorted order of priority is getting increasingly widespread in the modern world see this, which unfortunately isn’t quite as funny.


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