The Buzz in the Catholic Blogsphere

The buzz is yet another case of blog bashing cited by Fr Ray Blake.

It seems to me the desire to silence criticism in the Church is so strong today it is losing all grip on rationality or in this case legality. The worrying thing is, this desire to silence criticism isn’t just limited to dodgy columnists, I think it is sometimes entertained by people in positions of authority in the Church.

Funny it seems to be unceasingly directed at the ‘Catholic Taliban’ aka the traditionally minded bloggers, rather than the woolly liberals.

I really do understand the importance of loyalty to the Church. But it should never be at the expense of the truth, of honesty or of the desire to see orthodoxy reign over her members.

Alternatively if you have fidelity to the teaching of the Church, to the truth of the Gospel and to common human honesty I’m not sure how it can be in conflict with your loyalty to the Church to critisize those who clearly don’t have fidelity to the teaching of the Church.

I could go even further and say sometimes it may even be your duty as a Catholic to voice your concern especially if they are disseminating heterodoxy from a position of authority in the Church.

To the people who have worked out/I’ve told my shinobi identity, please keep it secret, so if and when I feel the urge to lay into a subject for being the travesty that it is I won’t have to suffer the seemingly inevitable backlash.


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