Mass before the throne!

Well I have heard through the grapevine that there is, in a couple of months,  Wednesday 8th of December at 7:30 pm, Holy Cross Church Leicester, England High mass.

There will be Pontifical High mass before the throne! A bishop of England and Wales, (and yes you can refrain from shaking your fist in the air this time) for this bishop knows which way the wind is blowing. Moreover it seems he is leading the way towards encouraging good liturgy. And I shamelessly copy and paste from my shinobi source thus:

This historic event marks 10 years since Bishop Malcolm was ordained to the Episcopate.

Celebrant: The Right Reverend Malcolm McMahon, OP, Bishop of Nottingham

Followed by the Blessing of the New Shrine of the English Martyrs

Refreshments will be served afterwards in Blackfriars Hall

Clergy are invited to sit in choir: please bring choir dress

Doesn’t this get your blood up? things are getting exciting in this country, Bishops are seeing the way of the future and hopefully embracing it, I intend to be there so if you want to see a shinobi in disguise as a normal mass goer then please come along.

As for a worthy prince to follow, we could do far worse! I raise a glass to the Bishop of Nottingham!


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