The only thing necessary for evil to triumph in the world is for good men to do nothing

Why does JFK have some of the best quotes? sure its a paraphrase of Edmund Burke, but the beauty is in the snappy delivery.

Well it turns out the US armed forces did nothing to prevent Iraqi authorities from engaging in torture. Not really surprising that, the CIA had been doing that for years.

An Apache gunship opened fire on people attempting to surrender to it after asking for a legal opinion as to what was the right thing to do… great a lawyer is the fountain of moral teaching.

The Iraq war was a moral quagmire which we probably should never have gotten into in the first place, my sympathies go out to all the soldiers who were out there and who were put in terrifying, impossible and morally ambiguous situations. Some of them would have been very much younger than myself.

I got into a debate with someone about whether Afghanistan was a just war, well actually he was of the opinion that all war is wrong. I was of the opinion that Afghanistan was the training ground for the September 11th attackers, so attacking it was a defensive move, what is more the Taliban are a barbaric group who used brutal violence, torture and intimidation to impose their medieval interpretation of the Koran on the people of Afghanistan. We had a just cause, a right intention, Afghanistan has no vast oil fields to muddy the issue.

The tragedy of it was that it took an attack on American soil before we went over there, when we were watching women being executed in football stadiums by these monsters we did nothing.

Likewise the UN always wrings its hands and dithers when acts of genocide are committed even though it is in its constitution that it is obliged to sanction international intervention. It is left to NATO to deal with the mess, and NATO basically reads America, Britain and a few hundred soldiers from everyone else put together.

But in the case of Afghanistan we had a UN and Nato mandate to intervene in Afghanistan and more importantly the Pope didn’t oppose the Afghan war as he did the Iraq war, thus we had the only legitimate authority possible to intervene.

Well now we have just downsized our military, we will be less able to be the world’s policeman, perhaps that is a good thing, now we won’t have politicians engaging in wars of choice like Iraq.  But perhaps we will be less willing to intervene in places like Kosovo as a result, will we just sit idly by and watch evil thrive?


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