Come on and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!?

I just went out for a pint with some friends, I guess the toleration that we give friends when they have had a few too many is the same as the toleration we give liberal Catholics.

At times during this session I felt like asking whether they think I am Catholic because I am a good person?

Precisely the opposite, I am Catholic because I am a bad person, its not about the infamous “Catholic Guilt” its because I rely on the faith to keep me from degenerating into something even worse. I try my hardest, but I know not to test my faith because I am weak.

It always amazes me how saintly people are, how people put up with things that I simply couldn’t cope with, it is always such a tragedy that they don’t see themselves as part of God’s kingdom because they could do a much better job of being a Christian than I.

So then, come on if you think you are hard enough. Be Christian.


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