Modernist tactics 101

As I was poking around the telegraph website today I stumbled across this article.

How interesting to see modernism caught red handed. In this case we don’t have to look back at old decisions made a few years after Vatican 2, we have a current event to prod and poke.

So lets have a go at the Fr Zulhsdorf method. My words in RED my emphasis in bold.

Catholic (hmm) churches in the central Swiss city of Lucerne have sparked controversy among believers (These particular Catholic church’s and believers? two separate groups? interesting) with an AIDS awareness campaign that involves giving teenagers condoms bearing the slogan “protect thy neighbour as thyself.” (Well straight away, they get right down to business openly misrepresenting the Gospel. also AIDS awareness = handing out condoms, I think not, the Church is very aware of the AIDS issue that doesn’t mean caving in to relativism)

(See article for photo of Lucerne) Lucerne where churches started handing out some of the 3,000 condoms on Monday as part of an effort to engage young people. (Ha, its always an effort to engage young people, but its not Catholicism they are being engaged with, why not engage them with why the Church teaches what it teaches about Sex, Love, Marriage and why it teaches what it teaches about contraception, oh, whats that? you haven’t tried that have you!?)

The churches started handing out some of the 3,000 condoms on Monday as part of an effort to engage young people, many of whom may be turned off by the Vatican’s long-standing opposition to the use of condoms, said a spokesman. (Probably because they have never actually been told the reasoning behind the Church’s opposition, teenagers don’t thoughtlessly obey anybody surprise surprise, why not engage them intellectually and spiritually rather than patronise them and attempt to impose your backward views on them?)

“We needed something to appeal to people who wouldn’t dream of talking to the church about that kind of issue,” Florian Flohr told The Associated Press. (Actually young people are very forthright and would probably talk about anything to anyone if somebody actually listened to them first)

The campaign is targeted at teenagers as young as 14 and includes talks to school classes about the devastating effect that Aids is having in Africa, he said. “It’s not about promoting promiscuous activity at all. (HA!, what exactly were the condoms for then?) We’re using the condoms to prompt people to think about HIV and Aids.” (so they are going to use them as talking points around the dining room table with their Mum and Dad are they?)

Mr Flohr said the campaign so far has drawn mostly positive reactions (I’m sure it did, the Church being seen to endorse a vice usually goes down a treat), but some Catholics have expressed concern. (Indeed they might, since it is a SCANDAL)

Officials at the diocese of Basel, of which Lucerne is a part, didn’t respond to requests for comment on Monday (one would hope because they are already starting disciplinary proceedings against those involved, but more likely because they are badly informed or liberal), but a spokesman in the neighbouring diocese of Chur was quoted by Swiss television as describing the condom campaign as “a mistake.” (a mistake worthy of dismissal for the culpable parties involved)

“It sends the wrong signal,” (quite the understatement) Christoph Casetti told SF1 television. “From a medical point of view, I also think it’s wrong because we know that condoms don’t provide certain protection.” (They certainly don’t, I know someone who caught HIV from supposedly safe sex)

Asked on Monday about the Lucerne campaign, a Vatican spokesman said he had not heard about it but recalled the church’s position opposing artificial contraception and said the use of condoms doesn’t correspond to it. (yes, Rome has spoken the matter is settled)

Although the Vatican has no specific policy concerning condoms and Aids (not really sure about that, it seems pretty clear to me…), the Catholic Church opposes their use as part of its overall teaching against artificial contraception (hmm I’d have let that slide if the reporter had the integrity to point to the wider context of the Church’s teaching on sexual morality rather than just contraception, could do better Mr/Miss journalist). Pope Benedict XVI came out strongly against condom distribution last year, saying a moral attitude toward sex – sexual abstinence and marital fidelity – would help fight the spread of HIV. (Gotta love the Pope, 100% right as usual)

Mr Flohr said the Lucerne parishes felt the time had come for an open debate in the Catholic Church about condom use. (HA that was the pivot point of Modernist tactics, yes lets all keep debating something that the Church has taught clearly and infallibly on, in the hope that someday someone might bring down the entire magisterium of the Church by agreeing with us to change universal and objective truth)

“We feel supported by various bishops around the world who have said that talking about Aids without discussing condoms is unethical,” (Well very interesting, if I had a list of those Bishops names and waved it in the air provocatively I’m sure I’d be called Joseph McCarthy, although to be fair discussing condoms and HANDING THEM OUT TO CHILDREN are different things!!!) he said, adding that this may not be a debate every believer would want to take part in. (Yes because its totally pointless and would be filled with liberals falling over each other to agree with one another and who boo and hiss at genuine teaching of the Church) “People who are far removed from the church may need a different message than those who go to church every Sunday.” (Erm NO they need the exact same message as people in Church, a message that you clearly haven’t been receiving loud and clear lately, ITS CALLED THE GOSPEL!)

So there you have it, that was quite fun.  But yes, modernist tactics.

  1. Debate endlessly till you get the smallest relativistic concession.
  2. Distort the issue, ironically, by appealing to subjective morality, (see stopping back street abortions used as a trick to legalise abortion on demand)
  3. Drive a wedge in with that concession and hit it as hard as you can (see the prochoice movement)
  4. Make it impossible to go back to how it was before (again see abortion)
  5. Move ever onwards, no morality should ever stand in the way of progress after all. (see euthanasia)

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