There is a System of a Down song (that is a rock group by the way, for anyone who wasn’t a teenager in the 1990’s) called science.

The lyrics are interesting “Science fails to recognise the single most potent element of human existence, letting the reigns go to the unfolding, is faith”

Science is all well and good when it operates, well scientifically. But lately I have often had cause to chuckle to myself when I read the science section on the Telegraph website.

There are occasionally ground breaking discoveries which will truly further mankind, but these are few and far between but most of it is comprised of “dog bites man” stories, telling us things we already knew since time began, or statistically flawed nonsense, or even occasionally someone who is in favour of the string theory religion or other unprovable theories, like evolution.

For something to be scientific fact its results have to be reproducible in a lab. Or it has to be very clearly observed through a systematic and extensive study of the natural world.

For example scientists who study climate change need to be taking everything into account. Not just CO2 levels in the atmosphere, but solar activity, other gasses in the atmosphere and hundreds of other variables like ocean currents and weather systems.

This is why everyone is deep down a little skeptical about climate change, the science just hasn’t been good enough. Never mind scientists fudging the data of major studies to show us what they know to be true. That’s like framing someone for a crime you know they committed, the accused has to be released.

I don’t know about anyone else but I think the last few years have been pretty cold in England… and I did hear that the big cheeses of the world know about it too.

The problem with science is that it hasn’t yet learned to stick to its own field of knowledge, it seems quite content to be dragged into politics. Unfortunately it is so badly reported on in the media and abused by people with agendas that people are rejecting it wholesale. Funny we have more in common than I thought.

This phenomenon has been perfectly encapsulated by the global warming crowd who say “We must stop producing CO2, money is no object, Earth will turn into waterworld and we’ll need Kevin Costner in a catamaran to save us.” Well no they don’t say that, perhaps they’d be more popular if they did.

Hang on, money is an object, money takes a great deal of energy to produce. Money is the surplus energy of the world, for every pound of profit which becomes disposable income, probably £20 or more has to be tied up in its production.

For every pound spent on energy saving, people have to sit around in heated/air conditioned offices, staring at computer screens to create it.

The subsidies given to wind power distract from the fact that it is a highly uneconomical way to make energy, and huge wind turbines have to built out of metal… erm has anyone measured how much CO2 is pumped into the atmosphere to make one of those monstrosities.

The vast inflation in energy prices is partly due to this quixotic quest for ‘renewable’ energy. Of course these windmills need maintenance and frequent repair, and inevitably will fall to pieces after suffering 30 years of all the elements can throw at them, probably never having recouped the CO2 it took to produce them in the first place whilst being a very inefficient way to produce energy in the first place.

The Church has had its Galileo moment, we have learned through bitter experience that if science has shown something to be true then the Church must also believe it, the Church is in the pursuit of truth too. But science hasn’t been sticking to its scientific methods lately and it shows.

Stephen Hawking recently made a rather spectacular blunder, by suggesting that scientific understanding meant there was no reason to have need of a god to explain creation.

Christians believe that God willed the universe into being, how God created the universe is the realm of science. We only know the former because God decided to introduce himself to us, We don’t know God through any other means than that God told us himself.

This is the realm of religion and scientists can’t complain because frankly they weren’t there when Moses approached the burning bush, or when Jesus raised Lazarus, miraculously fed the crowds or rose from the dead.

First of all religion doesn’t believe in a god of the gaps, we don’t need any such god to point to things which we are yet to understand about the world and say “God did it”. That is a weird form of idolatry and if that is what Hawking was denouncing then he was doing us a favour. That he had to turn to string theory in a scientific grail quest in search of spontaneous generation is the problem.

Spontaneous generation is also the holy grail which evolutionary theorists hanker for and it is just as ridiculous there. So ridiculous in fact that at the moment some scientists are hunting for life on asteroids and comets in the belief that life survived atmospheric re-entry and arrived on Earth from outer space.

Why are they doing this? because they haven’t told everyone about the amount of time it would take a life form as complex as ours to evolve, and quite simply planet Earth is too young.

There are many scientific gaps in evolutionary theory, but Christians aren’t saying just saying “God did it”, in an intergalactic Shazam! moment, (though isn’t it funny that the big bang theory is basically just that)

We are saying “God was behind it” we may one day know for sure, scientifically, how life came to be on this planet or how this universe came to exist, and when that day comes we will be the first to agree and thank scientists for telling us how God did it.

Scientists haven’t recognised that their theories often have an integral faith element to them, that they are now the ones in white vestments dishing out truths and some scientists even demand that we don’t question them.

Religion on the other hand understands humanity, its frailty, its hopes its fears, its dreams, its capacity for good, its sins, its need for God, a God which only Christianity truly knows through the incarnation.

The Faith vs Science debate is over, its been finished, done and dusted for hundreds of years now. Let us both inform one another about our respective fields of knowledge rather than let people perpetuate this false friction for personal gain or agenda *ahem* Dawkins.


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