Its my opinion and I’m entitled to it!??

That is a phrase which is roaming about in common parlance at the moment, it often comes stalking out of the rhetorical long grass when people have just said something totally outrageous.

I think it also has a hint of satanism to it.  To be satanic all you have to be is self centered and egomaniacal.  This belief that freedom of speech means people have the right to say whatever they want with impunity isn’t actually Christian. People can destroy casually with words, a flippant comment can do more damage than it should warrant.

Christianity believes that all Christians are linked spiritually by baptism and by communion (if they have a valid consecration and priesthood), united by Christ into his body the Church. Also that all of humanity is brother and sister and made in Gods image. This should engender respect and encourage people to think deeply about what they say, there is a good possibility that anything that needs to be followed with that phrase probably shouldn’t be said at all.

One of the people I respect is Suggs from Madness… he’s pretty much always been the spokesman for the band.   I admire him because whenever he is asked a question he stops and thinks, and then gives a surprisingly articulate reply.  If the world had more people who did that then it would be a better place.

Oftentimes I am confronted with situations where it is impossible to say anything that will be constructive, so I say nothing. People take this silence  badly I think, perhaps people think I’m plotting their demise or something.

In society today the desire seems to be prevalent for people to constantly blab about everything in life and if you don’t you are probably plotting to go on a killing spree. I guess it is a bit daft writing this on a blog, especially since in the next post I might talk about the bishops of England and Wales with the obligatory fist shake that comes with it…

On a different topic there is an interesting comment on the telegraph website about the seemingly constant attack on the institution of the family in this country.  I’m also reminded of the case of social workers petitioning a judge for a woman with a low IQ to be sterilised so that they wouldn’t have to keep taking her babies off her.  Sometimes it seems like this country is sleepwalking into a fascist state.

On a positive note some nuns in America have sold a baseball card for $262,000. They have sold something worthless, and will hopefully spend the proceeds on something infinity more worthwhile. I do have mixed feelings for the guy (it could only ever be a man) who is $262,000 poorer. He is free to spend his money on whatever he wants but really you’ve got to question his foolhardiness, but at least it is proof positive that God can profit from our foolishness.


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