Hopping the fence has never been this easy

I’m currently reading a book by Fr Dwight Longenecker, entitled More Christianity, with the view to giving it as a gift to my parents who are Anglican. Fr Longenecker moved from being an Evangelical to Anglican then became Catholic.

It’s quite a tricky thing to desire the conversion of your parents to Catholicism and how to go about trying to encourage it.

There is a deep respect and love there that gives the whole thing quite the emotional feel to it, which can be good but it can get in the way of explaining Catholic truth effectively, emotions can flare and can prevent people explaining themselves adequately or being able to examine arguments objectively.

Trying to avoid being critical of their religion whilst advocating converting is incredibly tricky.  I am Christian because of being raised in a Christian home, for that I can only be eternally grateful and I would never want to diminish the goodness of the gift of faith that was given me, but through my own conversion process I discovered that Anglicanism was incomplete, it did not contain the fullness of the Church and converting to Catholicism was the best decision I ever made in life.

Catholicism is the greatest gift I could ever give anyone and if I could give it to my family I would be eternally happy. It is only because I deeply respect and love them that I will always try to navigate the minefields that inevitably crop up.

On other news the Bishops of England and Wales have published a statement about the Anglican Ordinariate.  It seems that plans are moving along a lot faster than at least I expected. Good, get as many as possible through the doors as soon as possible. Its going to be very interesting to see how it works, also after people see it in position and up and running, my bet is a fair few more might hop the fence.

What I want to know is what possible reasons people have for not jumping at the opportunity? to become Catholic without the culture shock, without the dizzying leap that converts like me had to go through. Visible unity with the universal Church has never been made this easy.


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