The Condom bandwagon

What is worrying me is that the media is going to say the Pope has repealed the Church’s ban on contraception. He hasn’t.

The comments the pope made regarding condoms won’t be read or understood in context especially when they are so badly reported as is par for the course.

If someone was going to have casual sex then they should use a condom, but they shouldn’t be having casual sex in the first place. The Church doesn’t ban things it says whether they are moral or immoral and leaves it up to the informed conscience of humanity to obey or disobey.

As for using condoms in a marital situation where one partner is HIV positive and the other isn’t, the regularity of using condoms will place the second party to an ever increasing risk of infection, it will also have a contraceptive effect. From the quote I’ve seen of the holy father he didn’t suggest that this would be morally justified.

In a way the only people who it might be right to encourage to use condoms are people who aren’t living a Christian sexual morality, the pope is very quick to call people to a more humane existence and embrace the Church’s teaching in the fullest sense.

Cherie Blair and the Catholicism lite brigade are going to have a field day with this one, and its something in a book by the pope that hasn’t even been published yet. It certainly isn’t Catholic teaching yet. Perhaps they should hold their horses and wait to see what the Pope actually said, I always find that what the pope actually says is very interesting and what he is reported as having said bears no resemblance to it at all.

Of course just because the pope has said it doesn’t mean its dogma already, so we should all just wait and see.


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