Catholic Morality

This whole thing with Condoms got me thinking about the whole nature of Catholic morality, that basically it is too subtle for the modern world to understand.

Intention does matter in Catholic morality, that is why it may be right for a prostitute to use contraception in order to avoid infecting others or being infected themselves. It would be better of course if prostitution didn’t happen at all but never mind, apparently Catholic teaching on contraception is killing Africans but Catholic teaching on sexual ethics is completely ignored.

As Fr Ray pointed out in his post on the issue, the question over whether something is a sin, mortal or venial or not at all is down to the circumstances and the intention.  This doesn’t go down well with fundamentalists as the world increasingly needs to see things in black and white, good or evil.

In a funny kind of way this whole issue is actually a massive compliment for the Church, apparently the Church’s teaching on contraception is so influential over people who indulge in casual sex…


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