So the Eurozone is keeling over…

and the vision of the united states of Europe is going with it, what a shame…

Aren’t William Hague and Maggie looking rather smug now, I think they probably have earned the right to walk around for a week with big sandwich boards saying “I told you so!” on them.

Oh well economics is finally putting the knife into the creeping spread of the unaccountable godless Brussels apparatchiks.  Their cries of “well give up all your sovereignty and you’ll never have to worry about this again” are falling on deaf ears. Yes why don’t we delegate everything to the Germans, zey are sehr efficient.

When will those faceless bureaucrats realise that we don’t want to meekly surrender to sleight of hand everything that Napoleon and Herr Hitler tried to do by force.

The funny thing is the some in Ireland are calling this bailout the Cromwell deal, trust us, if it were down to the English this whole daft enterprise would have been given the heave ho a long time ago, shame they never gave us a referendum on it. They never do go in for democracy when it comes to these things do they…


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