One last time, I promise!

Must stop commenting on the ‘condom’ issue… I don’t even want to do it…


Its just not fair, there is an editorial comment on the telegraph website which encapsulates everything that is dire about this fiasco. Liberal Catholics have been encouraged to concede the topography of the philosophical battle, the argument in that post is being fought on totally modernist intellectual territory and terms. The worst part of that post was the hope that this would be the first part of “a journey”.

The fiasco isn’t what the Pope said, which is what I’ve believed for a very long time now, if you are going to disobey the church’s teaching on sexual ethics by all means use condoms and live to repent at leisure. You will already be in mortal sin but you will be less likely to be HIV positive, you can go to confession for the sin, as soon as humanly possible I might add, which you will incur condom or no’, but not many priests I know of can cure HIV with absolution.

The problem is that the Pope said it on an open microphone for the press to distort to their heart’s content. The Catholic Church hasn’t presumed in the past to tell people what to do if they are fornicating for this very reason, it doesn’t want to be seen to be endorsing any kind of sin no matter how venial or trivial, never mind a matter of life & death and a matter as important as defending sexuality which is a sacred gift from God.

The Catholic Church has in the past, only told people not to fornicate and how contraception within marriage damages the very meaning and intention of sex which is procreative.

Now it seems the Pope has let the cat out of the bag, the world wanted to know, the Pope let rip, I tentatively agree with Fr Zuhlsdorf, did the pope intend to create this furore? Is this the debate, and has the holy father just fired the biggest of starting guns?

The problems of debating with modernists have been covered in previous posts. They intend to chip away, drive a wedge into a truth and then hit it for all it is worth. Already liberal Catholics who didn’t understand the Church’s teaching in the first place (see the above link) are now rejoicing that the Pope is endorsing using condoms to fight the AIDS epidemic, when he did nothing of the sort… and are already asking if it could be extended to married couples.

Right, that’s it then!, I promise myself and any readers who are still persevering in the hope of a change of subject, that is it.  No more!


One thought on “One last time, I promise!

  1. I think this statement is a disaster….and I can’t see why or how the Pope would have intended to cause this furore! I think it is a mistake on a par with Pope JPII kissing the Koran. And the Protestants still use that as a stick to beat us with…and to attack the Pope’s authority.

    All Popes make mistakes when caught on the hop…they are only human after all…and I feel that is what this statement is.

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