T Blair Vs. C Hitchens

Not exactly the event of the century.

I do wonder what kind of perverse joy Hitchens gets out of knocking down an incredibly young and wet liberal Catholic in a ‘debate’.  Then have an audience filled with atheists vote on the winner…

What bothers me is that for a lot of people in that audience Tony Blair will be the only example of Catholicism that they will ever encounter. Watching Hitchens spout out Lucifer’s view from paradise lost was tragic enough as it is.

TB first of all felt the need to defend all religion equally putting himself on dodgy ground where he then had to defend Islam and its inability hem in extremists to stop spawning terrorists…Then he is forced to admit that ‘religion can be destructive’.

Finally, on the greatest failure of TB’s life, the decision to invade Iraq, he says religion played no part in, then pretends that it couldn’t have had the answer to such a question… erm yes it did, if he had listened to the pope we wouldn’t have gotten into that moral quagmire.

I think its about time the Dominicans put together a top flight debating team and started a kind of God’s dogs bite back campaign.

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