Well well well, it looks like the good fight is being fought quite effectively by SPUC, so much so that humanists are complaining that being educated on the horrific truth about abortion is unfair. SPUC’s campaign seems to be offending all the right people so it must be effective.

More babies are killed by abortion every year than people died during the holocaust, would these humanists want us to stop teaching about that with the graphic imagery of the death camps?

If the soldiers who fought during world war 2 knew that their countries would embrace abortion a few decades later they probably would have gone home and shot their own politicians.

Pro abortion groups will eventually be placed in the same category as holocaust deniers, its only a matter of time. Pray, quietly fight the good fight and support the SPUC in any way you can to bring about that victory for humanity.

Humanists, HA why is it that ‘humanists’ seem so desperate to constantly kill their fellow human beings? what is it about the altar of the ‘common good’ that seems to demand constant blood sacrifice? Oh yes, that’d be Satan wouldn’t it… never mind, forget I mentioned it.

Progressive Liberals, say those words in America and the vast majority of people will  start reaching for the .44 magnum under their pillow, and if Progressive Liberal somehow = pro-abortion then who is to blame them… sometimes I envy Americans.


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