Advent, a penitential season?

Well firstly what a week, a lack of blogging belies the fact that it felt a bit of a trial, work was a grind combined by the relentless snow which even I’m not equipped for.  I need to invest in some wellies or even better some knee high boots, and some long johns.  I am seriously considering getting skiing goggles too, one day I had to walk in to work in near blizzard like conditions.

Anyway after a hard days work and battling the elements I’d come home, scoff a snack, then bung a pizza in the oven or some other ready meal, and crack open a beer.  Go and read the telegraph, generally chill out.

Not exactly penitential.  I must confess I also spectacularly failed on my Friday fast because the cafeteria at work is open in the morning only on Friday and they do a rather spectacular bacon, beans, black pudding and sausage sandwich which after trudging through the snow for 20 minutes and having cracked a couple more beers open the night before, was simply too hard to resist. I did have a Martguerita pizza in the evening, but is it penetential if its a 12″ pizza???

Are English lives too miserable to be penitential? do we work such ridiculously long hours, get treated like cattle, for so little pay that the idea of giving yourself mortification is somewhat redundant?

We need to offer it up as penitence though, keep orientating the way we view our world towards Christ. As soon as we place all the adversities of life into the context of the adventure of Christianity then we are onto a winner.

Oh on other news my sister is preaching at her evangelical Church, which I am immensely proud of her for, so if people can pray that it goes well and that nerves are sufficiently calmed that would be great. Ecumenism is a bit of a family affair for me 🙂

Now I’m off to scoff some mince pies, Turkish delight and quaff some premium beer. Oh well.


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