Slow news week and murky morality

I’d say the last few days have been slow news days, certainly in this country. All the reporters must be tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle or something.

The most important news as far as I’m concerned is that it looks like we might be in with a very good shot of winning the ashes down under which is as far as I’m concerned the most important sporting event in the world.  You can keep the world cup and the Olympics, the ashes is warfare without the shooting, and this year we have a good chance of winning on enemy territory.

There is a Russian ‘spy’ being deported, some silly people in western Europe thought the cold war was over… I don’t think Vlad Putin is on the same page.  The alleged Spy protests her innocence of that particular charge whilst looking rather good in a grass skirt, bikini and red sun glasses… good thing too because  ‘Liberal democrat MP naive’ isn’t exactly a headline grabbing revelation, and sadly neither is the fact that he’s on bail for an alleged indecent assault.

Julian Assange has finally handed himself in, probably because he’s safer in Swedish custody than anywhere else when his picture is almost certainly on every CIA dartboard in the world.  Since I think the man should be assumed innocent till proven guilty I do feel sorry for him. He may have a misguided and naive agenda but if you think the CIA is incapable or unwilling to engage in a smear campaign then I think you should go read some history books.

I don’t think the general public knew just how much of a mess the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have been until wikileaks exposed the extent of sheer random brutality involved in the warfare out there. So there was an interesting moral reason for revealing the quagmire for what it is.

The leaks of diplomatic cables were a mistake, primarily because they seemed to have no moral purpose other than humiliating the most powerful nation on earth. I’m not even sure they reveal anything that everyone didn’t already know in diplomatic circles, only things it was rather convenient to pretend they didn’t know.

As far as I can tell, the only damage that Wikileaks has done to America is embarrassment.  In fact revealing that most of the middle east is worried about Iran’s nuclear program, not just Israel, may have done the world a favour.

The diplomatic cables exposed the realpolitik of diplomats speaking to their boss back home, which is obviously in stark contrast to the bare faced lies they tell about happy progress and strong mutual affection that are regurgitated after every international summit.

But nobody likes to be embarrassed and sometimes I think least of all Americans and Russians, no wonder the cold war came very close to world war 3. The only difference between America and Russia seems to be the disdain for freedom of speech in Russia, and the notion of freedom of the press is getting eroded in America by the idea that you can say anything you want just so long as its patriotic.

Is it me or does the world seem to be getting murkier by the minute?


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