Season’s greetings?

This story crops up every year and it is beyond tiresome.

Bishop (insert name here) rails against the secularisation of Christmas, “its political correctness gone mad” seems to be the oh so predictable chorus line (infact I’d pay good money to hear a decent gospel choir sing that). And for some reason its all the muslims fault for being offended…

So first of all I would like to say that I think this is load of tosh.

As far as I’m concerned I couldn’t give a monkies what the secular world does or doesn’t do to celebrate during the winter season.  We shouldn’t demand that non Christians talk about Jesus or the event of the incarnation when they simply don’t believe in it anymore.

Post modernity has arrived, and one effect of it should be that the nativity story can be told unaltered by even the hardened atheist because after all, to them, its just a nice little story of new life in the face of adversity.  The fact that some still grasp for any excuse to banish this little tale from from the public sphere betrays a crisis of anti-faith on their part so it should be cause for Christians to feel smug.

Rather than getting het up about the affairs of the world we should capitalise on the fact that Christians have the true meaning of Christmas, we should keep that joy foremost in our hearts as a refreshing anti-dote to the bleak nihilsm of this godless society.

Just think, an atheist has to suffer all the materialism, the stress, the superficiality, the endless christmas music, the disfuntional family gatherings, the horrendous office parties, the drunkeness and a week of turky sandwiches all for absolutely no reason they can fathom, with only the Pogues for solace.  In the words of Mr T, “I pity the fool”.


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