Crap reporting strikes again

As far as I’m concerned, England only has one daily newspaper worth reading in this country, and that is the telegraph.

This is especially true if you are Catholic, the Times is horrendously anti-Catholic to say nothing of the Guardian or the Independent. The Daily “hate” Mail and the express (which I call the daily fascist) are beyond the pale.  I’d rather ‘read’ the sun.  (I would point out all the examples of the Times being anti-Catholic, but I’ve stopped reading it because it makes my blood boil)

But the telegraph website has been letting itself go recently on Catholic issues, yes they have been reporting them in what they think is an unbiased way. Its not unbiased, it vastly distorts the influence of the loony left or the vicious atheists by reporting them equally as ‘balance’. I’ve noticed that Catholic issues are the only issues where the loony left is held up as balance in the telegraph, perhaps an editor should keep an eye on that.

But now my favorite paper  is straying into misreporting the news itself.  I noticed it first in a serious way over the condom issue, and now in a relatively minor way.

Wikileaks: Vatican feared ‘Anglican violence’

Is it currently Telegraph policy to write grossly inaccurate headlines in order to grab attention? Has Rowan Williams finally succumbed to his Jihadist tendencies?  Is that AK-47 that was previously duct taped underneath his lovely white-iron-latticework garden tea table finally going to get some use?

Actually the gist of the story was that a grossly misinformed and moonstruck British ambassador got his knickers in a twist.  You do have to wonder how much work ambassadors to the holy see have to do if they can spend so long getting themselves tied in knots… thank God the man is leaving his post at the end of the month, even if they can only send a temp to replace him because nobody of note wants the job.

So it is left to Damien Thompson to write the only accurate news story on the issue… I hope he gets paid for his blog, because its doing the only accurate  reporting on Catholic issues for the Telegraph at the moment.

(even if he couldn’t quite grasp the subtleties of the Pope’s condom statement, which is perhaps the Pope’s fault for giving a very subtle answer to the mass media and expecting it to be understood and reported faithfully)


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