Global Warming

Ok by now if you have had the resilience to be a regular reader of my blog you will have noticed that I have a giant scorpion in my bonnet about global warming.

At first it was just a harmless myth to get children to turn off the lights when they left the room, or to build LED lit tv screens that used a great deal less electricity, or buy energy saving bulbs which will cause a skyrocketing boost for opticians in the next decade, which is good because glasses are sexy.

This was all well and good, because in the end they are very sensible ideas which will save money.

Money makes the world go round.  Money makes people club baby seals to death, it makes people chop down rainforests for hardwood, saving money really will save the planet. Plus you will be able to spend that hard saved money on things you like, eg hardwood tables and nice fur coats… ok so the analogy is flawed a little, but I’ll stand by it since all money requires people sat in front of screens in exorbitantly tropically heated offices in winter and exorbitantly arctic air conditioned offices in summer.

Anyway now global warming has stopped being a myth and grown up and become a fully fledged horror story, which we now terrify schoolchildren with.  It has become that age old tale, the doomsday yarn.   Now governments are spending billions of our money on it and they are making energy companies ramp up their prices just as we are suffering the coldest November since records began.

This is no longer funny, this is not harmless, if it hasn’t already this myth will very quickly start killing people. Besides we could be spending the money fighting the AIDS epidemic (no wait the west would only throw condoms at the problem…) or something else equally worthwhile which we could do without monumentally making it worse… like developing fusion power for example.

Can you hear the smothered laughter of energy companies, solar panel and wind turbine manufacturers? They are making a clubbed baby seal killing out of this. They are the ones selling picks, shovels, boots and pans to this lunatic gold rush, at an extortionate markup, and we are thanking them for it!

Politicians love it because its a ‘moral’ crusade they can go on without having to reference any coherent morality system, eg a religion. They can be seen to be acting for the ‘greater good’ against a nameless faceless enemy…

Its time to say no, its time to get people to look seriously at the numbers again.  Reducing pollution and over fishing/hunting or heck even littering are all a far better use of human resources, that is where we should be focusing our environmental efforts, not some notion that needs massaged figures to back it up.

Perhaps I’ll have a go at society’s new creation myth, evolution next week, personally I like my creation stories with talking snakes.

2 thoughts on “Global Warming

  1. We can’t call it global warming any more because it clearly doesn’t involve warming – so we have to call it “global climate change” to demonstrate that coldness can happen as well.

    But then everybody realised that the climate changes anyway so now we are supposed to call it “global climate disruption”.

    CAFOD are very big on it.

    The way I see it, anything th

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