Liberalism, yuk!

Well last night I had the misfortune to get involved in a ‘debate’ with several people on facebook about the full legalisation of prostitution.

Of course it wasn’t really a debate, it was me, the lone defender of conventional morality, getting harangued by several woolly liberal university students about how if a woman chooses to be a prostitute then it’s her body to do with as she wishes and it should be legal so she can be a safe and happy prostitute.

What made it even more disturbing was that the vast majority of those students were young women. It was like watching the decline and disintegration of British society in fast forward.

It was enough to bring out the reactionary in me. W.W.J.D.D. springs to mind, what would Judge Dredd do?

Well its time to thank my lucky stars that most people read the sun, the express, the mirror and the daily hate mail and that the liberal democrats are dying a death so these views will hopefully never reach parliament.

But really examining the complete lack of moral formation in this country was astounding, I’d known it existed, but to hear it so blatant.There was very little I could appeal to on the moral side of it that I could hope to meet with success, even calling on feminism that prostitution is the systematic exploitation of women, but even that fell on deaf ears.

The  relativistic view is that if it is safer for prostitutes then they are all for legalisation, I have doubts over whether it would be safer, but lets say for the sake of argument it is slightly safer, legalisation is pretty much the only guide to morality in this country any more. To legalise it, is to say its morally fine.

You only have to look back at the disaster of the abortion law to see where this is going… Oh well roll on the apocalypse.

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