Hilarious Vortex Rant

Here is a link to Damian Thompson’s blog, which has a link to a pretty funny rant by a hairdo with a pencil.  Be warned, its QUITE a hairdo and he whirls the pencil around like he’s a baton twirler.

A good rant always has comedic value as far as I’m concerned, I once dropped in on a lecture at my sister’s theological college where the lecturer ranted at them for being timid, he turned a shade of puce and I tried so hard to contain myself but in the end I couldn’t help but snigger.

Anyway there is an element of truth to the rant, pseudo-nuns who don’t wear habits (which is an amazingly good criteria of correlation for spotting them) have been part of the post Vatican 2 malaise. I wouldn’t say they were the cause or even the worst part of it, but they have been part of it.

The worst part is these nuns are often put in charge of formation courses and the RCIA… wet soggy Catholicism will not help the faithful through life’s challenges… anyway click the rant and prepare to be amused.


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