Christmas tidings and prayer requests

Merry Christmas everyone! we are very nearly there, and I’m not going to blog on Christmas day! I hope everyone is snuggled up and warm, eating lots of great food.

Well I made it up north to the frozen wastes to visit my parents, the points on the tracks got frozen twice on the way up, but I was only an hour late, which considering the conditions can’t be sniffed at.

My sister beat me from Berlin by forty minutes when she was shedualed to beat me by four hours because they had a minor bomb scare at Berlin airport. They called it a luggage handling error, but they were worried there was one extra piece of  luggage on the flight…

We drove back to my parents house in the dark, dodging icebergs three feet high and potholes about six inches deep. All very exciting, thank goodness we didn’t get stuck though, nobody would have come to tow us out at that time of night and people who know where my parents live will know that would have been completely terminal for the car.

Yesterday we got a Christmas tree and did some last minute Christmas shopping in the local town which was surprisingly successful considering how small the place is. It was pretty busy with everyone taking advantage of an ever so slight thaw trying to get last minute presents.

On a major bum note, my mum broke her wrist around lunchtime today trying to get me some bread (for my breakfast *ahem*), so your prayers for a speedy recovery and a relatively uninterupted Christmas would be much appreciated.  It looked like quite a nasty break to me and she’s had to be driven a couple of hours by my Dad to have her bone set back into place, pray God’s angels protection because the motorway is like an icerink. 

A bit upsetting really but I suppose it could always be worse, I feel terrible for not going and getting the sodding bread myself because I’m currently running a full winter without falling over. (I put it down to my tactic of pointing my feet out ever so slightly and putting strictly downward pressure as I walk, effectively just like a penguin, I also think, on ice at least, having flat shoes may even help a bit in comparison to boots because you have more surface area to get traction and the grip on boots is no help on ice.)

Anyway I’m blabbing. Yes pray for my mum, I think she was more upset about having to spend Christmas eve on the A&E merry-go-round than that she’d broken her wrist.

One offshoot of this is that since the nearest Catholic Mass is about 40 minutes away by car it looks like I might not be able to get to Mass this Christmas. (not exactly the end of the world, at least I won’t have to suffer the sermon, the priest is ok liturgically, but is easily the worst preacher I have ever heard. He managed to completely miss the entire point of the incarnation last year…)

On a brighter note I did get some pictures from my mobile phone of the frozen wastes, the Christmas tree and the livingroom stove enjoy, and Merry Christmas, oh and pray for my lapsed Catholic friend:-


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