Wintertime blues

Does anyone else get wintertime blues? I know I do, and isn’t it frustrating when they hit, I thought I’d defied the inevitable this year, but it seems not.  Not sleeping properly doesn’t help and the thing about human existence is that the psychological effects the physical and the eventually the spiritual.

So yes a prayer said for me at the moment wouldn’t go amiss. There is something annoyingly selfish about depression it makes you look after yourself primarily rather than looking out for people around you and I want to avoid it as best as possible.

Ok onto things of Catholicity, in the theme of the pursuit of the truth of my last post I’d like to encourage everyone to keep it up this year. This is probably more for the men out there, if you are placed in a position where you can argue for Catholicism go for it, no matter what people say.  (Arguing in the female sphere is not something I know about, or from what little I know, can recommend)

As soon as you do people will start to tell you not to argue about religion, but as long as you are keeping it civil it is vital that we argue about religion, not just let people slumber in their protestant denominations or vague atheism.

The lack of desire to pursue the truth with gusto is the foremost sign of apathy in my opinion, I was converted by a long series of religious arguments which happily speaking I completely lost and now I’m Catholic and its the best thing that ever happened to me. That’s why I get frustrated when I’m told, more often than not by a woman, (sorry ladies) not to argue about Catholicism.

I was a bit disappointed that the great Christmas family theological debate didn’t happen at my parents this year, it did last year and I think I made a bit of headway. Its taxing, its hard work, it can be fraught with emotion and its sometimes difficult because two of them have theology degrees of the very evangelical variety. They have both been told lots of reasons why to believe what they believe, but sadly I’m not sure they ever had their beliefs effectively challenged by the Catholic position. What is more I can’t fall back on scholarship, just what I’ve garnered from conversation and poking around.

My mum bought me a book by Gerry Hughes, called fidelity without fundamentalism, I jokingly asked if she thought I was a fundamentalist and she half jokingly said she thought I was… oh well. Gerry Hughes’ book God of surprises was very influential in my conversion process so I have a great respect for him.  My Dad and him apparently had a lot of good discussions whilst he was writing the book so I am intrigued but it does seem to put Christian fundamentalism on a par with Islamic fundamentalism, which is a bit puzzling.

Sure if you dig hard enough you will find a Catholic who has murdered an abortionist in blatant disregard for the 6th commandment… but it seems a bit laboured to me. Oh well I haven’t finished the book yet so I should withhold judgment.

Anyway happy new year, my prediction for the new year is that some things will change, and some things will stay the same 🙂 You never know Bishops might realise that their chief duty is to their flock not to the conference committees… stranger things have happened.

God bless


2 thoughts on “Wintertime blues

  1. Excuse me if it’s an obvious question, but have you read any GK Chesterton? He’s one of the finest Catholic apologists (if not the finest) in English language – arguably, well, I think almost uncontentiously, even before he was a Catholic. One of his great qualities is that he has a real knack for summing up quite complex positions in simple, memorable forms, that he then expands upon.

    Hope the winter gloom lifts soon, anyway.

    • I have read a bit here and there, more of his fiction than his apologetics. I got round to reading a bit of Orthodoxy before I had to give it back to my housemate because he was moving out, what I read of that was fantastic.

      I think I need to invest in a light box… I’ve been meaning to do so for ages! Expensive though :S

      Thanks for the comment!

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