We live in interesting times…

Well I went to a rather good party last night, and yes my head is a little bit sore today, but I was struck by the profound naivete of a friend of a friend.

We really do live in an age that is ripe for evangelisation, so many things that so many people base there atheism on are so completely ridiculous and they could easily be shown this. If it had been just me and him and I’d had a couple of hours I could have quite easily rocked his worldview…

All a Catholic has to do is show we can be relatively sane, have a coherent world view, can know the basis of what we believe and can show how that basis is far more sensible than the accepted atheist world view which is rammed full of contradictions and ignorance.

The post modernist view is accepted as given with absolutely no philosophical self awareness these days, the belief that science contradicts religion is prevalent, never mind it does nothing of the sort and that these views are mutually exclusive.

The idea that evolutionary theory (which is accepted as fact, ironically by the self confessed post-modernist) contradicts religion still crops up… it doesn’t, and anyway it is just a theory which is at best unprovable and at worst has some fairly gigantic holes in it.

Oh well, we didn’t have the time and I doubt he had the inclination to seriously question his world view anyway.  The fact is he is an atheist by choice and all the ideas he had formed (or more accurately speaking, unquestioningly inherited) to defend his views didn’t need to be intellectually coherent because he didn’t want to be religious.

The real problem was the belief he had been intellectually rigorous as an atheist, that he had asked questions of religion and religion hadn’t had an answer for him, that belief has left him in a nice little comfort zone where he doesn’t need to question anything he believes anymore.

As Christians we need to be more rigorous in return, we need to be able to explain that the first chapters of Genesis are poetic, we need to be able to explain the nuances of our faith (and take the time to do so at every opportunity) otherwise the caricature of faith that Dawkins et al build in order to knock down is left as the only idea of religion that people encounter.

On other news the Ordinariate is up and running! though it does seem strange that such an extraordinary thing should have such a name.


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