The Single Catholic Lament

Sooo then, anyone else know what its like to be young Catholic and single? ever heard members of the opposite sex complain that there are a dearth of young Catholic singles? Then watch them promptly shack up with atheists…

Ok I’m bitter, but I’ve got a point, these relationships are going to be fraught with long term problems, like raising Children, whether to have children at all, contraception (If that issue hasn’t already come up), sex before marriage, the very idea of marriage.

The biggest reason against such unions however is that your partner will never understand a very important part of your life and that you won’t be able to convince them of the value of something that you hold dearest. It seems to me that getting involved romantically with an atheist is a disaster waiting to happen.

Is there any other solution to this problem though? the number of eligible young Catholics is so low, Church socials are few and far between, if we remember to get to them at all, most Catholics dash out of Church after mass so the obligatory post mass socializing is as brief as possible. The end result of which is that the chances of meeting someone and being attracted to someone who feels the same way are minuscule.

What the Catholic Church needs most at the moment is good Catholic families, families who have more than one son so they won’t feel bad when one runs off to be a priest and more than one daughter so it won’t be a disaster if she becomes a religious. Families who will give the gift of faith to their Children and will become a beacon of hope and joy within their parish.

Flirt and convert is a noble pursuit but remember you do have to get to the convert bit before you invest romantically, I can see that getting tricky but hey life seems to bowl yorkers these days.


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