It turns out the revolution will be televised.

Wow reading the telegraph website yesterday was depressing.

The only good news I could fathom is that there is a new radiohead album out and reviews suggest that it runs in a similar upbeat vein as In Rainbows… It seems like fatherhood has done a lot to mellow the man previously known as “Happy boy” Thom Yorke, so there is hope for us all I guess, but if you have to look to Radiohead for positivity you know things are rough.

Today the rumour that Col Ghaddafi has fled to Venezuela seems to be doing the rounds, probably accompanied by his amazon bodyguard, and brings a ray of hope to the proceedings, now all the Libyans have to do is get rid of his monster of a son too.  Hiring foreign mercenaries to gun down your own people in cold blood was an act of such craven barbarism it may have helped unite Libya against its oppressive regime. What the Ghaddafi’s have in evil they lack in savvy.

Now we all just have to hope and pray that the region will see freedom and democracy, not theocracy and fanaticism.


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