Its a sick sad world.

So anyway, I’ve just finished my bi-yearly West Wing marathon and I should get back to my neglected blog…

If the prose is less flowing I blame it on my new keyboard, its a Logitech and it just doesn’t have the same rhythm and feel as my last one which was a cheap and cheerful yet surprisingly good Technika. It had a much more soft, supple and smooth typing action, well, till I spilt Guinness on it and the return and backspace buttons got stuck in the down position…

Anyway it seems the world is stuck in its rather grim position in Libya, I don’t know what Catholic morality would suggest, but I think we should send in an elite sniper team and simply assassinate every dictator in the world and be done with it. Its far more generous than what they deserve which is a long drop, a short rope and a five minute hemp fandango.

People who have embraced their evil fallen nature to such an extent only fear one thing, death, either they believe in no afterlife or some may have an inkling of the judgement from God which awaits them.

To do nothing at all to militarily aid civilian populations against vicious oppressors is cowardice, we don’t have to go into a lengthy occupation or nation building like Tony Blair always seemed so keen on, we just need to knock over the evil regime and let the people of Libya work it out for themselves, if another evil regime pops up we just do the same again.

Interestingly though, where would you draw the line? what about Saudi Arabia or China?

Anyway what about the rapidly increasingly fascist state in the UK? a Christian couple have been prevented from fostering children because they are Christian… there is no way around that.  The right to be a happy homosexual child of 6 outweighs the right for people to hold religious views at all.

Erm I hate to break it to you judge but 6 to 10s are far more homophobic than their parents will ever be, the desire to be ‘normal’ amongst children is incredibly powerful. I also very much doubt as parents they would have punished/abused or shunned a child who did grow up to be gay, but the Judge has decided they shouldn’t be given the chance to raise a child with Christian values.

So what’s next, homosexuality lessons in classes where for the good of society, and obviously to curb the worlds evil over population problem, everyone will be encouraged to bat for the other team?

This brings me to a bit of the Mass that annoyed me this last Sunday… the prayer before the intercessions was as far as I could tell, simply wrong.  It said as best as I can remember, God is in control of worldly events, erm hold on there, that needs a lot of qualification if it is to be anywhere approaching true.

This world is ruled by the devil, didn’t Jesus basically tell us this? God is only the lord of worldly events in an eschatological sense, in the end, Gods justice, God’s vengence even, will be perfect. God will not protect us all from the evils of this world, we have to look first to the kingdom of God and his righteousness first before all these things will be added unto you…

Its funny, in the Gospel Jesus essentially tells a lie of omission, most of his disciples died horrible martyrdom’s. Sure God did look after their day to day needs, right up until their pursuit of God’s Kingdom and righteousness brought them to their executioners.

Ok this is all getting a little bit grim, but I guess the message is that if  we are going to deal with all the problems of this world and its master the devil, then we need to be willing to fight the good fight, run the race to the end, no matter the cost, even if it means being in conflict with our own country’s ever more atheist laws.


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