Well, another year gone.

Well here we are, its lent again on Wednesday and I recently celebrated my birthday (by trying in vain to completely ignore the fact that I’m a year older and I’ve got nothing to show for it but getting ever so slightly uglier)

So then the Sunday readings were an interesting mixed bag wern’t they? in fact they are almost totally and deliberately contradictory, in the first reading God demands the Jews follow the law.

The second reading is basically justification by faith alone in a nutshell…

The Gospel was interesting too, Jesus saying you could be quite the religious high achiever and still be evil… so doing the will of the father is about what is in our hearts not on a checklist of spiritual boasts. Yet we are still supposed to be trying to do the will of God. Tricky that.

Isn’t some of our faith in this life saying ‘Lord, lord’? it surely has to be, I know how weak I am and my spiritual achievements haven’t moved on much at all since the day I converted to Catholicism 6 years or so ago (in fact I’ve probably just become more accepting of my faults)…

I should be able to levitate by now surely! ho hum, hopefully that is the point Jesus is making and perhaps Jesus’ warning against spiritual pride is to cheer us low achievers up. Perhaps the circular wanderings of our lives are all that God is really intersted in? it doesn’t matter if we don’t get anywhere in this life so long as we go there with God? Perhaps that is ascedia/sloth speaking but the alternative is more depressing.

So then, the lenten fast, what to do? I could job hunt, I could join a gym, I could stop eating junk food, I could fail to give up the sauce… all worldly things really, none of which are bad in and of themselves, but I can’t help but think I’d be missing the point of Lent… perhaps some kind of prayer discipline might be in order instead and I’ll just have to live with being a generously proportioned heavy drinker in a dead end job.

On a different note my avoidance tactics have turned to books… I visited my parents and stocked up, a couple of history books, 1984 and the Iliad, the latter of which is a rip roaring read, good to know that Human nature doesn’t really change in thousands of years.

3 thoughts on “Well, another year gone.

  1. I am reading the Iliad at the moment – it is a good read and has spurred me to actually getting what I need to make my own arrows in eager anticipation for my return to archery!

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