Soo then it seems to be one of the topics flying around at the moment.

According to the world, the Pope and the Catholic Church have only just come out against antisemitism.

The idea that the Jesus was Jewish, that the entirety of the early Church was was at one stage Jewish seems to have somehow slipped peoples minds.

The origional good Friday prayer for the Jews stipulates that it is praying only for Jews who don’t yet believe in Christ to convert and if you ask me that is far less racist than simply praying for the Jews as an entire race which the later attempts at political correctness gradually moved towards.

The Catholic Church has always tolerated the Jews since it believed it was up to God to convert them at the last judgment and therefore it was not right to persecute the Jews. That some murderers who happened to be Catholic didn’t get the memo was truly tragic and they were always condemned by the Church.

In fact the Christian belief that you should not convert people by the sword is at the root of all western notions of toleration, alas it never stopped some from trying. Unfortunately this historic opposition to antisemitism is always forgotten by the historically illiterate people of every passing age so the Church has to constantly re-teach what has always been its teaching.

Oh and can someone point out to the powers that be in the media that Libya is NOT IN THE MIDDLE EAST!


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