Putting the world to rights?

Well not a great deal has changed in the last few weeks. I haven’t been posting because I haven’t been able to think of one good thing that’s going on in the world… Italy successfully appealed the crucifix in classroom ban… wow big news.

And at long last the UN and Nato have stopped wringing there hands over Libya and have intervened on the side of freedom, about a week too late, but better late than never. Although we did witness the absurd spectacle of Tornado GR4’s flying to Libya from the UK… an aircraft carrier would be mighty handy right about now would it not Mr Cameron?

Already people are circling the anti-war wagons saying this is pointless (which it isn’t) or that we don’t know how it will end (well surely getting rid of Gaddafi is the objective even if it doesn’t say it in the UN resolution) or that we don’t know who will replace the ‘dear leader’ (well no we don’t but you can’t know everything) but we should arm the ‘rebels’ if only in the interests of making an underdog into a fair fight. I hate to break it to the peaceniks but sometimes moral behaviour requires that we take sides in a conflict, to do nothing is to endorse evil.

Of course the problem then arises what about Syria? we can’t go in there because its too near to Iraq geographically and Iran politically. The chances of an Islamic fundamentalist regime popping up right next to Israel are too high… we can’t go into a lot of these counties with a sign saying we will support all popular uprisings, as a sort of revolutionary rent a mob, much as we’d like to, but we can in Libya so we have. People are already saying its oil motivated and Vladimir Putin called it a crusade and even his puppet prime minister rebuked him.

Onto the topic of the middle east almost a whole family including three very young children were brutally (and I mean horrifically) murdered in Israel and Hamas threw a celebration. We need to know what we are talking about when we support a Palestinian cause for a state of their own, Hamas should have absolutely no place in it.

While we are at it someone should remind the BBC that Israel is the only free democratic state in the region surrounded by enemies and it doesn’t deliberately target civilians whereas its enemies  do. If you think that is a controversial thing to say then ask yourself, who is telling you otherwise?

Anyway yes there is nothing I can do about the world going to hell in a hand basket. Talking of which isn’t it depressing when you meet someone who is, if they remain on their current course, going to hell.

I’ve been playing black ops online with xbox live, with no hint of irony some of the casual racism and antisemitism muttered online by some individuals was gob-smacking.  I just end up feeling sorry for the culprits because they are clearly damned unless they repent, which will take a road to Damascus type of miracle.

Anyway yes, a lack of religious coverage this week, I did send an email to my sister trying to convince her as to the Catholic Church’s teaching on a male priesthood but to reproduce it here is preaching to the choir.  The subject is a bit of a moot one for Catholics because I hate to break it to people who think otherwise but the Church will never change its teaching.

Hopefully the next post won’t be so long in the future as this one was since the last.


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