British museum to display relics

This caught my eye on the telegraph website.

Is this a good thing? should they be in a Church instead where they can be venerated properly? or is exposing the increasingly secular general public to the tangible evidence of grace and holiness in the lives of saints more likely in a museum these days… oh dear I answered my own question there.

It would be an interesting act of evangelisation to go to the british museum and venerate the relics of Thomas Becket for example, if only I was in London. How long before we have to put the Catholic faith in a museum to protect it from bishops…

On another note don’t you find it is the obscure and frivolous novelties of Catholicism that have the most profound impact, and it is these very things that liberal mediocrity try to do away with.

My favourite divine office canticle I’ve heard thus far is the song of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, in which the protagonists gratuitously praise the lord in the most terrifying of circumstances. One thing I’d really like to witness is the office of Tenebrae, which sounds like a stunning piece of liturgy, probably as illusive as an albino unicorn in this country then.

Wow, I’m a bit catty today. I should say I do actually love my Bishop… I just wish he wouldn’t feel the need to pander to every liberal pressure he is bombarded with. For one thing it makes for interminable pastoral letters. I am sure deep down he knows that orthodoxy is Catholicisms only hope.


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