Ok this isn’t really going to be a post on Catholicism, or at least not much anyway, there were several items in the paper today which made me grind my teeth.

First and least foremost was the whole ‘nail from Christ’s crucifixion’ malarkey. Being a history loving kind of chap I already have a massive contempt for archeologists whose guess work and pottering around with a shovel they like to pretend is a science, but not even the most ludicrous would claim that a couple of nails found in a tomb somewhere would have any kind of significance never mind be the holiest relic in the world.

There are plenty of nails which have a claim to be the relevant ones but I reckon the best story has to be about the ones Emperor Constantine’s mum dug up and put in her son’s crown and her son’s horse’s bridle.  Still they probably weren’t genuine but I’d like to think they were.

Secondly the rebels against Ghaddafi in Misurata have been under merciless pressure for weeks, with pro-Ghaddafi snipers shooting at anyone armed or not, they have had to tough it out with minimal support from the west, infact the west has been hampering reinforcements coming from Benghazi… and now Ghaddafi wants to wave the flag of peace, just so long as he retains power of course. There can be no peace without justice, I believe it was Plato who said that, if Nato and the world falls for this nauseating gambit then I really will despair.

On the AV vote, if the yes campaign win I’ll be sorely tempted to leave the country… AV is the death of democracy encapsulated in one single stroke. It’ll create a political class even more entrenched and contemptuous of the electorate than we have at the moment, and that is quite an achievement.

Oh and the full veil (niqab or burkah) has been successfully banned in France and our politicians are too cowardly to do the same here. We are failing to protect our citizens from the demands that are placed on them to entomb themselves in these clothes for fear of upsetting extremist Muslims.

And to top it all off these are all views espoused in the Torygraph… so do I read it because I agree or agree because I read it?… (I think the former but still)




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