Never blog when tired and angry… it looks a lot like this.

Well I’ve had a really bad day at work, which was just another in the long line of bad days at work but the last three weeks have really gotten to me.

I’ve just had to fix my computer mouse by bashing it with rather extreme force against the armrest of my captain’s chair…

The Cardinal Vaughn parents just lost their court case, although the law is the law, we can’t expect a judge to uphold the importance of the Catholic ethos of the school and defend it from the hierarchy of the Catholic Church…

And col. Ghadaffi is still murdering his own people while Nato wrings its hands about the legality of targeting him… oh come on. Barack Obama, you are supposed to be the leader of the free world, why don’t you do some leadership for a change? If we leave it to the French heaven knows what will happen.

Oh and William Hague still thinks that a diplomatic solution is viable, when Ghadaffi is hiring FARC terrorists as mercenaries to shoot his citizens on sight… what a shiny nugget of naivete, and from our foreign secretary… and I’m too tired to provide links to the Telegraph website so google it yourself!

I’m going to sleep, and will hopefully wake up refreshed and filled with hope and optimism for the future of the human race, because right now, well actually tomorrow after I go to confession, I’m tempted to start praying for the apocalypse. Is that a Christian thing to do?

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