Ok 12 hours of sack time later

Well then, now I feel a bit better.

I was also musing about the Cardinal Vaughn School before I drifted off, isn’t it funny that the powers that be have accused the parents of being elitist, when they are rather brutally imposing their will from on high.

What is their will? that parents who aren’t practicing Catholics can send their kids to school there. Why are parents who aren’t practicing catholics so desperate to send their children to a very Catholic school? is it because it has very good results? who is being elitist here?

If I had kids and I knew that a Catholic school was very Catholic I would rush to send my kids to it no matter the grades that it produced, there are more important things in this life than those ridiculous worthless pieces of paper, for example christian formation, knowing that you are loved by God, being raised in the faith.

Of course knowing you are loved by God will probably improve your grades, knowing that reaching your potential is something that gives glory to God and knowing that no matter what happens after exams God loves you are both tremendous advantages in educational psychology I’m sure. But that is an incidental boon.

So instead of looking after dedicated practicing Catholics who’s first care is the passing on of the faith, the Church hierarchy is supporting non practicing Catholics (or even non Catholics) who just want to send their kids to a school with good results.

I am envious of the Cardinal Vaughn kids, I went to Catholic school who generously took me in because I was being rather viciously bullied in the state school and being a practicing Anglican probably helped. But my biggest regret is that out of the two RE teachers I got the woolly liberal rather than the Polish one.  I could have skipped so much angst in my life if I had been introduced properly to Catholicism back in the day.

But I guess therein lies a sort of oxymoron because I was a non-Catholic kid in a Catholic school, although it didn’t feel very Catholic to me… Doing the sign of the cross at the start of assemblies was the only Catholic thing I can remember about the school. That and the RE syllabus was about Catholicism even if the teaching I received on the subject wasn’t exactly amazing.

Anyway yes, if a Bishop realises he is trampling upon his most dedicated followers then surely he’d stop, rather than call them elitists, and he should be more worried by the vast number of people who more and more are coming to see the hierarchy of the Catholic Church as an elitist magic circle.


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