I’m betting a few people who read this blog will be wondering why I do keep mentioning what is going on in Libya. In fact I’ve been thinking about that too.

Is it peculiar to the English to give a damn about problems in a country over sixteen hundred miles away? whose people are a totally different religion and culture to our own?

Anyway, Gaddafi is using cluster mortar bombs on Misurata, we shouldn’t be too surprised. If he retakes the city he’ll probably kill a large proportion of the population.

Isn’t it funny that the west got all jittery when they found out that some of the jihadists who fought them in Iraq and Afghanistan now fight for the rebels against Ghaddafi.  Suddenly all that rhetoric about the war on terror raised its head again.

The fact is Al Qaeda doesn’t have membership cards. It is a very loose conglomeration of clerics and jihadists. The west should perhaps revel in the opportunity to get some of these dedicated, and lets face it very capable fighters, to fight against a dictator that the world agrees must go.

Perhaps if we can show the Muslim world that we don’t think in such un-nuanced terms and we don’t just support regimes that oppress them then maybe the next time a radical cleric in Libya yells “go attack the great Satan America and their stooges Britain and France”, maybe people will look around and say, hang on, wern’t they on our side a few years ago?

If we fail to get rid of Gaddafi because of a lack of resolve then ten or twenty years down the line all anyone will remember is that when it came to the crunch, just so long as we get the oil supplies we don’t really care who is in power.


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