Life goes on

Well then, the apocalypse has failed to materialise so I guess I should take that as a message from God that its not time yet…

So instead I went out clubbing last nite, yes not something I regularly do, in fact its been over six months.  There is only one club I’d go to in my city and its the rock club, the funny thing about it is that it is the safest, least meat-marketesque club by far, perhaps because the male to female ratio is more male dominated.

This ratio means that people don’t tend to go there on the pull, they are there because they like dancing like lunatics, not caring whether they look cool, and generally having fun.

This reminds me a of a saying, I think it may have been Chesterton, its much worse to say something which is good is evil than it is to say something that is evil is good.

Perhaps that’s why I find puritanism, whether Christian or Islamic, particularly distasteful, its belief that mankind’s base state is totally evil and that everything must be done to limit human expression because that human expression is inherently evil.

If you try to limit all forms of temptation then you will limit our ability to enjoy the simple pleasures of life which I think is why God made us in these finite mortal vessels.This obsession with sin will probably just lead to more temptation and the devil can tempt you to sin no matter what you do.

Also I think its worth noting that puritans don’t have a sacrament of confession, thus they have no outlet for their guilt. This I’m sure leads to pent up anger towards God, anger that has to be suppressed because its not right to be angry with God… (of course it isn’t right but sometimes it is right to express our feelings even if they are misguided, the psalmist teaches us that)

Talking about guilt or more particularly “The Guilt”, I always wonder about Catholics who are resentful that they are made to feel guilty, then refuse the sacrament of penance where they could be told either not to worry about it because what ever it was wasn’t a sin, or have their sins forgiven. It boils down to pride of course, unwillingness to admit that you are not the final moral arbiter of right and wrong.

Finally could you pray for a couple of people I’m trying to evangelise, one a lapsed Catholic and the other a rabid protestant, I could the wittiest wisest paragon of virtue and that still won’t make an impression without a miraculous change of heart prompted by the holy spirit. Any prayer you can give towards them and towards me that I don’t do more harm than good would be great.


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