Ecumenical hatchet job?

Is this a hatchet job masquerading as balanced journalism or what?

Also, am I being overly paranoid in suspecting that the congregation for the doctrine of faith had to run this as a close hold operation so that it wasn’t sabotaged by liberals within the Catholic Church? I think the Pope probably gave the job to his old department because its the only department he can trust.

I guess this post is on the topic of ecumenism, to which I’m becoming increasingly peeved with the liberal understanding of the term. My priest has put a three line whip on an ecumenical event, the result of which will be to try to show the world that we are all the same, when we aren’t.

A lot of cradle Catholics don’t realise how massive the differences are between protestantism and Catholicism, if you’ve moved from one to the other you know all the protestant guff you had to exorcise and you treasure all the little extras that Catholics are blessed with. We are very much not the same.

Bad ecumenical events create a facade of false unity that hides the facts of our divisions, divisions that may cause Catholics pain but we aren’t living an incomplete form of Christianity. It is protestants who don’t realise how much they have chosen to be impoverished by being seperated from the Catholic Church.

I am coming more and more to feel and believe that protestants have been brutally robbed of their God granted Christian heritage by the likes of Martin Luther, John Calvin, Thomas Cranmer, Henry Plantagenet, John Knox and Huldrych Zwingli. They have not only been told (if not forced) to settle for less, but that to have more is evil. As I said, it is much worse to say something good is evil than to say something evil is good.

The only honest form of ecumenism should consist of open debate carried out with the freely acknowledged desire to evangelise and convert, everything else is pernicious. We can be completely confident of the theological soundness of our faith and the beauty contained within it that far outstrips anything within protestantism.


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