The antithesis to google’s gaia gambit

I just stumbled onto something on the Telegraph website. This apparently is the Telegraph’s own view.

Is this a secular paper showing signs of faith, without being all apologetic or ‘politically correct’ about it? I think it very well may be.

I read the Telegraph online because it is the best way to get news but also because it is not hostile to the religion and culture of England. (which has for the past 900 plus years been Christian even if today it is in decline as a nation)

I now count at least three Catholic bloggers/commentators which are hosted by the Telegraph website too and this of course is the proper understanding of political correctness, where everybody is allowed to express their view, even if it is *shock horror* religious.

Its not just vaguely Christian, though there are Anglican writers (ho ho), it seems this openness to tolerating religious views has made the Telegraph a sanctuary for Catholic writers in particular who could never write for the Times, The Mail, the Independent or God forbid the guardian.

Long live the Telegraph!


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