So then another Christian year begins.

Well Easter is here, (still) Thank Goodness, and life goes on.

Unfortunately so does the world, the Chinese government arresting Christians over Easter, to send to a re-education (slave labor) camp somewhere, and some of them will probably never be seen again.

My favourite writer is Philip K. Dick, who was Catholic as it happens.  He did have incredibly gnostic leanings but always went back to his priest and his Church.  Anyway he himself I think had a belief that spiritually speaking, the Roman Empire has never ended, the world still persecutes Christians because nothing has really changed in its makeup since those dark times.   And sometimes I’m inclined to believe it.

It is funny how the world, with almost no thought, always manages to make life difficult for the Church, for example a council planning board will move housing out to the suburbs, which just so happens to take the congregation from a Catholic Parish.  They will have had little idea of the effect of their decision but the damage will have been done.

Another example is the secular world’s celebration of Easter, eggs and rabbits, so its just a continuation of the old paganism really. I almost feel nervous about saying the word easter, because it is pagan in origin but maybe I’m over thinking this.

But as an antidote to all this, we have the new creation, a totally new epoch in the history of the world began with the resurrection of Christ. The world has been broken into by God and forever there is a harmonious note of hope that rings through the discordant noise of the world. Again the Pope explains it better.


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