That Wedding

Right then, it’s nearly summer, everyone is getting imperceptibly more cheerful as the Sun begins to fill us with Vitamin D.

So then the Royal Wedding, do you even care? Well I’ve given it thought and the answer is, I wish them luck, but I don’t think its any of my business what the future leader of the church which was founded in order to procure a divorce does near one of their faux altars. OOOOOh harsh!

Ok ok, I like Will and Kate infinitely more than his Dad and his posh floozy, but still. And let me get to the root of my antipathy, the royalty especially of the hereditary primogeniture variety is built almost entirely upon the idea of the divine right of Kings.

The Saxons elected their Kings from amongst their most powerful chieftains, elected kingship is much older than hereditary kingship at least in this country, but I suspect in others as well.

So then the only way I can tolerate the idea of monarchy is if they themselves see that they are beholden to a higher power, namely God, and this means they have to have strong religious roots in the Christian faith.

Unfortunately the Church of England is drifting inexorably down the pan of history, eagerly abandoning Christian heritage rediscovered by the Oxford movement. Catholicism of course offers much better roots than any protestant denomination could possibly pretend to contain and indeed in Catholicism a King is still beholden to the Pope.

(Interestingly I found out that English Kings until 1689 were expected to feed clothe and wash the feet of the poor on Maundy Thursday, a bit of a far cry from a couple of coins of Maundy money given to the middle classes…)

So the long and short of it is that if it were a Catholic wedding I’d be outside the minster waving a flag, as it is its not really going change my day in the slightest.

Still all the best to Will and Kate, maybe if it lasts it’ll lend some credibility and backbone to the ever weakening Anglican idea of marriage.


One thought on “That Wedding

  1. This is a reply to a negative comment sent me about my comment on an entirely different blog, which I don’t want to approve because it may be the begining of a troll fight, but I will reply here and he can read it and I can read his replies. It regards my rather robust opinion on the irreverant way Fr Pat day celebrates the Holy Mass.

    Well I have had the misfortune to witness the Holy Mass as said by Fr Day, twice (once a rememberance sunday) it was treated as if it were a stand up routine, with segues to the ‘audience’ even directly before the words of consecration. It was excruciating to see such irreverance at the very pinicle of our faith, the Holy Mass, the greatest gift God continually gives to His Church.

    I have also heard that pastorally as a hospital chaplain Fr Day is brilliant, but its his understanding of his priestly vocation at the Mass that worries me. It is so irreverant that I have even doubted how much of Christ Fr Day actually thinks is present in the Eucharist, there should be no room for such doubts, thus there is a parish in middlesborough diocese I can’t attend in good conscience and I am somehow at fault for having a negative opinion on that?

    Anyway don’t you think calling someone sanctimonious, odious, prideful, uncharitable, arrogant and unCatholic all in one go may be percieved as being quite sanctimonious in itself. You don’t know me in person and you probably don’t know James either, who is a very gentle and down to earth Chap.

    Like me he wants to see Fr Day treat the Mass with the obediant love and care that it deserves and what vast numbers of clergy daily give their lives to uphold. I was robust in my rhetoric and I’m sorry if that offended you, but are we not allowed to have an opinion on the liturgical abuse that is a blight upon the faithful’s ability to participate in the Holy Mass? How could Fr Day be a better priest? simple, say the black and do the red, who are we to have such opinions, we are Catholic laity just like you.

    Your loving brother in Christ

    Catholic Shinobi

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