And now for something not so completely different.

Ok I’m sure I’ve probably used that post title theme before when I’ve previously posted something which is a little bit on the critical side and feel for some reason that I have to offset my view with a more sunny outlook lest people think that I am some horrible ogre who hides in a hovel plotting insurection against my beloved Church.

I just had a random thought though, isn’t it strange that there is a great seperation between what is done in public and what is personal.  The idea of personal realm is a very modern innovation.  Villeges throught the middle ages were very communal, people were careful about what they said because the whole village would know and indeed if someone said something outrageous they would never complain that it was personal or private, they wouldn’t have said it in public in the first place.

Now alas we have libel laws and slander laws and the rapidly approaching privacy laws, we are not bonded together by religion or community, indeed a lot of the bonds of affection have been cut, if ever they existed in the first place. So to say something negative about an ‘individual’ is now a crime so heinious, we have become a society incapable of calling a spade a spade, of speaking truth to power and the right or wrong of what we say no longer even matters.

So anyway, I went to a completely different parish this week, due to being on holiday. The long and short of it was that I really liked the priest, he was so down to earth, he wasn’t trying to be ‘relevant’ or ‘trendy’ but of course his natural humility made him speak with an authenticity which was truely refreshing. So we had a say the black do the red mass, with a good meat and two veg sermon.

Ok now before you think that my body is being controlled by the nice robots from another dimension, I did have a gripe with the service, the music was right out of 1974. There was a band with guitars, a flute and even a drum. It was agonising, my eyes were rolling like bowling balls at various stages.

Why oh why do we have to have Burnadette Farrell? She isn’t heretical, it isn’t obscene, its just appallingly bad music, pointless vamping frequently coupled with bad refrains which are repeated to rub salt in the wounds of any sense of the aesthetic. The psalm was also a riff on a theme rather than a straight rendition that had virtually none of the words of the actual psalm in it, and during communion, I kid you not, there was a near bluegrass rendition of the magnificat as we solemnly processed to the altar trying hard not to do-si-do.

Ok so yes I’ve been burning to get that out of my system. I have no doubt the priest simply puts up with it rather than instigated this state of affairs since he has at least four other parishes to serve, so this has been imposed upon him and upon the average Joe by laity. Then again perhaps even more worryingly people have come to accept this stuff as the best the Church has to offer, “no gregorian chant please, give us Bernadette Farrell!” the thought of it make me die inside.

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