So then the kingpin is dead…

Well then, he who lives by the sword dies by the sword.

Swift retribution was the best that could be hoped for in his case, to say it was vengeance is unfair, a quick and painless death was the best that he deserved.

Also performing the full Islamic burial rights was a very good move.

Barrack Obama has won serious kudos with with this and he knows it.

So anyway, is it right to be happy that someone is dead? well sometimes, on rare occasions it is, but as Catholics we know that God loved Osama Bin Ladin just as much as us. Osama may have spiralled down into an evil mindset, and may very well have damned his own soul but it is not for us to judge him.  God will be the one to give judgement, and the perfect punishment for him will be to spend all eternity knowing the depth of his sins, whether he does this in Heaven or Hell is virtually irrelevant. It’d probably be harder in heaven being surrounded by the saints being constantly reminded of how far he fell short, than it would be in Hell being congratulated by all the most depraved sinners. Heaven is always the harder path.

So then, a momentous day for the west. Probably nobody in Al-Qaeda gives a monkies, this will make little difference to their cause, the command and control of their dispersed network will carry on as normal. What is more there are already a few leaders ready to take his place, some of which have effectively already been leading the loose grouping for the past few years already. However the mythos of the ghost like spiritual leader will have been cracked. They now have a martyr but they have lost a living talisman.


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