Catholicity and canonisation

Do you get annoyed at the English officiousness which becomes apparent when people complain that JP2 was beatified too quickly? Sainthood soon is a perfectly good and Catholic thing to call for. The laity is the Church in many ways. Clergy are only there to tend and serve the flock, the Maundy Thursday liturgy reminds them lest they forget.

The fact of JP2’a beatification is not reliant upon the popular hope chanted at his funeral that he will soon be canonised, but that his intercession has wrought a miracle, but that intercession was only sought so soon because the affection and deep respect the faithful had for their father in faith JP2.

It is important to get the motivations, the causes and effects in the right order. We can’t let the BBC’s “Balanced” view go down in history so as to muddy the process as to why JP2 is now rightly considered blessed.


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