Has the world changed?

I’m nervous about going on about this, but has the death of Bin Ladin changed anything?

People are alreadying saying it was faked, or that it was vengence. I didn’t think anyone would be so horrifically liberal as to complain that America didn’t take him alive, I was very wrong.

And of course people will be hesitant till they have seen the picture of his corpse, as everyone who has watched a cheap soap opera knows; unless you see the body, the evil baddie who supposedly died a watery death at the end of season 1, will be back to wreek his revenge in season 3 when the actor is desperate for work again.

It seems the 10 year hiccup of history, where one man could defy the most powerful country in the world is now over, the bogey man has been killed. Now Al-Qaeda will reply in the only way it knows how, otherwise it will have to admit it is no longer a force worth wealthy jihadist donations, I get the feeling that the world is holding its breath, lest the hiccups return.


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